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So After loosing about 25/30 pounds I was able to go off of Levemire. Over time while I continued taking novolog I've been decreasing my doses I was still taking it before meals. Then about 2 weeks ago (after losing about 55 pounds total) I started experiencing low frequently. I kept lowering my novolog. Then it became clear that it might be time to see if I can go off novolog. So for the past eight days I've been off novolog. I test before and after meals. I thrilled to say it went great. Which I've had a couple of highs in the high 130s and one low of 65, mostly my numbers have been amazing.

So… Now what, do I just test each day? I guess I need to talk to my doctor.

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This is inspiring. I want to reiterate that being off of medication is not the only goal or even a goal at all for some. It is my personal preference and, like you, I control BG by food and exercise alone. I agree that you need to continue to test morning, after meals and p.m. Your meter is your GPS regarding the success or failure of the dietary choices that you make; noting that diabetes is far more complicated that this brief summary and we are all biochemically unique and need to address our own unique health conditions and care. I admit that I do not test before bed because I don't take medication and if my BG was high, I don't pharmaceutically treat it anyway. I now know that if I stop eating two hours or more before bed, I am almost guaranteed a waking BG in the 80's or 90's.

You probably already know the food that you should and should not eat. You should either mentally or manually note the effects of food. I know that many people use the glycemic index, others are more interested in the glycemic load of food. I personally think it's interesting method to start but now know that even strict adherence to GI index is also lacking and may be unreliable.

I agree that your first step is to confer with your doctor. More importantly, you should be very proud of yourself. Your post is inspiring to others and should be empowering to you. I assume that part of your weight loss included exercise. I have to admit that part of our own healthcare is the hardest for me. I still don't like any exercise that I do but had an electrocardiogram last week and my resting heart rate is 50 beats per minute. There's no arguing with the fact that the last few months of exercise is in fact working. So please continue doing it (if you are) or incorporate some activity in your daily life (if you are not).

Let us know how you're doing and the results of your doctor's visit. Your success story helps show others that self care is crucial. Even someone who takes medication can and should address their health and diet. It may make their medication work efficiently and feel better on a daily basis. If you look at other health sites (and even our own) there are many people who suffer on a daily basis. Every single day I think, "There but for the Grace of God, Go I". That's why it's particularly important to share the success stories as much as the concerns that each of us have. Thank you for doing that today.

jayabee52 2012-06-06 08:41:15 -0500 Report

Of course Cookie, talk to your Dr!

I myself have lost 65 lbs total, through my low carb/high protein meal plan and am off insulin completely now for about 18 mos. So I am much like you, only have a little more time off insulin.

But I still test 3 x/day just to keep on top of my progress and to keep me from getting lazy in my eating plan regimen and fall off the wagon. I still need to stay on top of my Diabetes Mellitis (DM) because in my experience if I slack off my DM comes back with a vengance. Controlling DM without DM meds is akin to walking a tightrope without a net underneath. I don't want to splat on the floor of the tent of this DM circus.

My bias is to continue to test your Blood Glucose normally as you had before. Otherwise it would be like driving without a GPS. Yes you could do it, but it is easier and better to get there using the meter.

Nick1962 2012-06-06 08:31:09 -0500 Report

Yes, talk to your doctor. My numbers are well in line, and although I was told i could stop testing, I still do. Maybe I'm just chicken, or curious (or both), but i like to know if things are getting better or worse. I did catch a string of unusually low morning numbers (40's), so I adjusted my evening protein and they came back in line.
Congrats on the super weight loss and getting off meds!

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