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adnan zaman
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Hi can any body tell me how helpfull is cherries and vineger for diabetes patients?

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adnan zaman
adnan zaman 2012-06-02 04:44:33 -0500 Report

Also there is Apple Cider vinegar in tablet form can I try this before every meal

Caroltoo 2012-06-02 15:28:16 -0500 Report

I used to take them for weight control. Wasn't diabetic at the time, so can't relate that to bg control. Try it and see if it works as well.

Caroltoo 2012-06-01 18:43:31 -0500 Report

Well, OK, I'll be the first to say it: I use vinegar in any way I can while cooking (balsamic for salad dressing, mild form for marinade on cucumbers, white wine vinegar in potato salad, etc. I also took 1T of vinegar in a glass of water each morning for about 3 months. I've also used 4 oz of Aloe Vera juice the same way. Currently, I'm using lemon juice in iced water as my summer drink.

The caution here is that the vinegar and lemon are highly acidic and can etch the teeth and scar the esophogus, so do drink the lemon and vinegar in water and then follow with some plain water. Also, swish to clear the acid from your teeth. Acid makes the enamel softer, so best not to actually brush for a couple hours afterwards.

I made the biggest step towards BG control when I started doing these things. I had already greatly reduced my carb intake and increased my protein and fiberous veggies, so I was well on my way. But, after about 2 months of the vinegar in the morning, I found my BGs stayed right around the normal level and I was able to come off my meds. Before then, with the carb/protein/fiber adjustments, I was holding my own and doing well, but still using Actos at half strength.

As for cherries: I have read, as James has, that they are low glycemic index. I've also read that the dark/bitter cherries are the ones that help control BGs. Haven't seen any yet to try.

gadgetgirl007 2012-06-04 01:39:00 -0500 Report

Cherries, yummy & darn I didn't buy the from Costco, only got blueberries & strawberries, in such large quantities, I will have to share at work, no room in freezer & can't eat them all b4 they rot.

Caroltoo 2012-06-04 02:12:03 -0500 Report

Pop them in the blender and add coconut milk for a frozen sorbet that you can keep for a while in the freezer.

Controlled 2012-06-01 23:44:56 -0500 Report

This is interesting. I also don't require meds but I'm going to try some of these suggestions right away.

reneeramaekers 2012-06-01 17:51:40 -0500 Report

How do you take the vinegar ?? I can only eat so much on salad and I can't do the teaspoon 2x a day it hurts my stomach and burns my throat ?!?

jayabee52 2012-06-01 23:18:52 -0500 Report

do you take it with water, renee?

reneeramaekers 2012-06-02 07:50:53 -0500 Report

That never crossed my mind !!! Sometimes it do simple and I make it so hard !!!! Lol !!
Thanks !!!!

jayabee52 2012-06-02 11:16:13 -0500 Report

yes dilute the 2 tsp in 1 c. water Renee, and then swish your mouth with another gulp of water and swallow it.

If you do that it will stop the acid from etching your tooth enamel or burning your esophagus.

jayabee52 2012-06-01 06:28:22 -0500 Report

Howdy Adnan, WELCOME to DiabeticConnect!

I have seen a slideshow which says cherries are a low glycemic index fruit.

You won't be able to go very far on this website without running into someone who says that vinegar has a beneficial effect on their Blood Glucose (BG) levels, and I believe them.

Blessings to you and yours Adnan!

James Baker

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