type 2 diabetes with type 1 shots

By Brian514 Latest Reply 2012-05-30 07:56:04 -0500
Started 2012-05-29 16:51:59 -0500

I have chronic back pain, diabetes type 2 with type 1 shots, diabetic neuropathy, and gastroparesis…any suggestions ???

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jayabee52 2012-05-30 01:48:03 -0500 Report

Howdy again Brian.

You have a lot of folks answering you on your previous posting, as have I. By "type 1 shots" I suspect you mean insulin. Insulin is for type 2s also, in fact I was taking insulin for about 5 yrs before I discovered I could manage my DM with my own pancreas' insulin production IF I ate very carefully. You can see what I did here ~ http://www.diabeticconnect.com/discussions/14... .

Of course not everyone can do this but when I was on insulin (NPH 2x/day — about 18 units per injection) I thought I couldn't do it either.

Brian514 2012-05-30 05:37:17 -0500 Report

i take novilin 70/30 twice a day 40 units…been doing this for almost 9 yrs…just tired of pricking fingers every day for reading…sticking myself in stomach…then to keep getting these diagnoses without cures…very frustrating

GabbyPA 2012-05-30 07:56:04 -0500 Report

Have you considered talking to your doctor about getting a pump. That way it is monitored and you don't have to poke so often. Lots of members here use them and love them.