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Periodically, we have posts that ask what the A1c actually measures. Here's a short discussion of what the A1c does and does not do for us. The information comes from this morniing's issue of LifeScript and will just be a reminder for most of us.

"Most people with diabetes are probably familiar with self-testing, either with a quick needle test or a trendier continuous monitoring device. While home testing plays an important role in your blood sugar management, another glucose test is also crucial: the A1c test.

Sometimes referred to as the HbA1c test, the A1c test is quite simply an average measurement of your blood sugar over the past 90 days. While self tests give a current reading of your blood sugar, the A1c one provides a long-term picture of how you've been faring in recent months. For people with diabetes, an A1c level of 7% or lower is considered healthy.

However, research suggests that the average U.S. diabetic's A1c level is around 9%. To schedule an A1c test, call your health care provider."

Note: article quoted in it's entirity.

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