How was your Memorial Day Holiday? (Surviving the Holidays With Diabetes)

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Sun..Fun..Holidays and Diabetes!

Surviving the Holidays With Diabetes
This advice can help you get through the holidays healthy and stress-free.

Eat slowly.

Slow down and really take the time to chew and enjoy each bite of food.

Then wait a few seconds before taking the next one — and wait several minutes before deciding if you want more to eat. “Wait at least 10 to 20 minutes for ‘seconds’ to allow adequate time for your first helping to settle in your stomach,” says Sheri Colberg, PhD, a professor of exercise science at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va.

Earn your desserts.

You can make holiday eating a zero-sum game by earning each and every decadent bite you take with exercise, says Colberg. “Taking more steps every day during the holiday season keeps the calories at bay,” she says. “For every extra calorie you consume, add 20 steps to your day.”

Cook healthy versions of favorite foods.

If you’re doing the cooking, choose healthy ingredients to make seasonal favorites. For example, stevia can be a great alternative to sugar in many sweets and could be part of a diabetes diet. Schedule exercise. The holidays are busy, but there is always time to squeeze in some exercise. “When we are eating more than usual and feeling a bit more stress than usual, exercise is more important than ever,” says Butler. “Make the time to do this good thing for yourself.”

Make shopping a fitness activity.

One way to fit in some exercise is to make shopping itself a workout, advises Colberg. “Walk up and down the shopping mall an extra time or two, carrying all of your gift-filled bags,” she says. “Adding in the additional mileage, especially when carrying some extra weight, will help you expend extra energy while accomplishing your pressing holiday errands.

Also, park at the far end of the mall parking lot and walk the extra distance to and from your car.”

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