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I've been a type 1 diabetc for a little over 7 months now, and there are topics in paticuliar I am concerned about. First of all, I am beginning to loose weight. I did weigh a healthy 124 lbs. last year when I was diagnosed, and now I am barely pushing 115. I know that isn't much weight loss, but I am still a bit worried. Would that have something to do with my insulin? It's really beginning to stress out my family because they do not know what's going on.

Also, being diagnosed as a child makes me very motivated and strong-willed; especially when my friends encourage me to try and control what's going on with my body. In most cases, I acutally believe that my parents and grandparents are more "On Edge" about my new condition then I am. I understand that only means they care about me, but it's honestly starting to get on my nerves. They are always asking me if I am alright, and they are far too overprotective now. They won't even let me spend the night at a friend's house because they're worried I might not eat or check my glucose on time! Not to mention there are all the medical finances, and the possibiliy of something going on at school is always driving them insane. In fact, my mother has even started texting me during class to see if I am going alright. What do you think I should do?

-And if anyone else has a similar problem, feel free to read the comments I get below. I do not know if I'll get that many… but as a newcomer I am hoping to receive some answers. Thanks everyone in advance :)

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Rose67 2014-07-24 01:48:33 -0500 Report

Your post is 2 years old. Has your family and you adjusted. Nina and Gabby are right. Families do not always cope well. We need to keep in mind to respect them, for they love you. And as trust developes more freedom will come too. This is a family affair disease , you need each other. And this website you will get plenty of care and love.

niña diabética
niña diabética 2014-07-19 22:50:34 -0500 Report

Dani-Anatomyy I know exactly how you feel! life with diabetes is accomplishable lol especially with what I call newly wedded parents. its best to (respectfully) tell how you feel, our emotions as diabetics has 35% to do with our blood sugar so not letting them know and keeping emotions bottled up is not healthy. another thing remember they're only supporting as best they know how…in all
its good to just sit and talk everything out.

ive been a diabetic since I was 11 (im 20 now) and my family still does the same thing but at a lesser extent all because I talked to them and set mutual limits

GabbyPA 2012-05-22 15:21:08 -0500 Report

Oh parents. You have to love them. =0)

It is your diagnosis, but diabetes is a family disease. What I mean is that though you have it, the whole family is affected by it. Sometimes in ways that want to make you scream. It is all new to you and them, and learning together is one of the best things you can do. Going to some diabetes education classes as a family helped me and mine. It opened up their eyes to see what is going on, and knowledge does help relive the worry some. But they are still mom and dad, and you are always going to be their baby...it's hard for any kid.

What you might want to try is showing them that you can take care of yourself and do it well. Once they begin to see that and they can trust that even when you are away from home, you still take care, then it might be easier for them to loosen the reigns a little bit. Maybe set some little goals that if you meet them, they will allow you to test the waters of a little more independence?

You seem to be quite a together young lady. That will work out for you. Give them some time. Perhaps sitting down with them and asking them how they feel? You might be surprised that things like guilt might come into play. Maybe they are angry, too and I bet you the are just scared. Finding out what makes them worry and then giving them proof that you can take care of those things may help calm the nerves.

They are always going to worry. That won't go away. You can find ways to work around it with open communication.

As for the weight loss, that is usually something that happens before you are diagnosed. Usually insulin can cause some weight gain. So you may want to check that out and see what is going on. Are your numbers in good control? If you are running high, it might cause you to loose weight. So I would talk to your doctor about that to figure out what is going on.