Women with Diabetes are at Increased Risk of Stroke

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Women who have diabetes, use birth control pills, and smoke are at 5X more risk of a stroke than a non-smoking woman who does not have diabetes and does not use birth control pills. Sobering statistic.

The slide show goes on to show 7 ways we can all (male and female) reduce our risk of stroke. It is a good article. The link will take you to the full content. Here's a brief synopsis:

1. Know your numbers and work to bring them within the guidelines.
Blood Pressure: 120/80 or under; Cholesterol: 200 or under; LDL: 100 or under (some say 70 or under for diabetics); HDL: 50 or higher; Triglycerides: 150 or under; BMI: 25 or under; waist: 35 inches or less (men's number wasn't given).

If your doctor gave you other more specific goals, please follow his/her advice as these recommendations are generic and you may have other health issues that effect your personal number goals.

2. Stop smoking

3. Exercise at least 150 minutes/week; more if possible.

4. Eat to beat a stroke — see article for details, but they are the kinds of healthy food choices we talk about here at DC all the time.

5. Consider drug therapy to bring your numbers down. (Also: consider niacin and other supplements which can also accomplish this reduction.)

6. Don't ignore troublesome symptoms. Women over 65 years of age are more prone to experience atrial fibrillation (an irregular pulse rate) which may cause blockages.

7. Know the signs of a stroke and call 911 if your symptoms last more than 5 minutes. Don't go back to sleep and hope for the best; seek help. See the link for a thorough list of which symptoms to look for.


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