Enjoy Simple Pleasures

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These are the things that I think are important to accomplish just one of every day. Something simple but rewarding that makes your day, and makes you smile just for the moment. Take a bubble bath; maybe with lights off and lit with candles; do Yoga or relaxation exercises. Walk in a warm rain; wash your hair in the rain. Go take your dog for a walk. Window Shop; Do not have to buy, just look at the new things, esp with the holidays coming, The warmth of the window designs and lights can be so comfortable. Or take a drive and look at the houses that are decorated, at nite. Just do something that will make you feel good for the moment, like cuddling up with your favorite blanket, and smile from the warmth that comes from within.

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My simple pleasure for today was a 30 minute drive in the car. First time in 2 weeks. I am so grateful, pain and all, for that little bit of specialness in my day; how bout you? Isn't there some little thing that you would be grateful to have. :->}luv