WEEK 1 of the Mile Low Club

By Somoca Latest Reply 2012-05-20 22:51:15 -0500
Started 2012-05-15 16:28:13 -0500

From the response I think we are off to a great start. YEAHHHH. Ok, here the details, feel free to revise if you see how we can all improve. First and foremost, this is to support everyone who comes on board even on the days they can't get out to exercise. Let's start with the rest of May and if it works and everyone wants to carry it into June, we will. Everyone who does some type of exercise and jot it on this discussion. I will generate one for each week. Everyone who works out will get a high five, hug, etc. the idea is to be acknowledged for your efforts. If you can't get out this week, you will still receive support from us all in the group. So that's pretty easy. So ladies ( and any men who want to jump on board) let's get started.

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TsalagiLenape 2012-05-20 07:00:02 -0500 Report

Well I hope to do lots of walking today instead of sitting like I did when driving truck. LOL Otherwise, with the start of clinicals I know I will be walking. But not sure how much need to get a new pedometer (sp?)

GabbyPA 2012-05-19 20:41:42 -0500 Report

Today I spent several hours in an expo that was outside and we walked a lot, enjoyed good company and walked a bunch more. It was a beautiful day to be outside.

Somoca 2012-05-19 20:58:00 -0500 Report

Gabby, you got the best of both worlds. Good exercise and good company, awesome combo. Don't stop. Keep going.

GabbyPA 2012-05-19 20:59:24 -0500 Report

Yes it is. It was a great expo and that made it feel like just having fun and exercise was just the bonus. I love it when it works that way. I didn't work up a sweat, but I was out, and for me that is always the first step.

cindygal1 2012-05-18 20:40:19 -0500 Report

Welll this morning I cut my front yard and each side of the house, now I have the back yard to do. I don't get a lot of exercise because I have a sick husband to take care, and a 12 year old grandson, so I am always hopping around, plus I keep check on a 70 year old lady that lives in our neighborhood, she can't get ot much now either. I do try and talk once a day. My Grandson and I walk all over town last weekend, we had a ball doing that. Will keep you posted.

Somoca 2012-05-18 22:54:59 -0500 Report

cindygal1, but the point is, you are MOVING around. Mowing the yard is a chore worth a slice of cheesecake, lol. Just kidding. no I'm not, lol. But it's great that you have a walking buddy. Great job!!!! Tell your grandson he is so cool for walking too.

DeanaG 2012-05-18 19:44:20 -0500 Report

I did my 30 minutes of circuit training at Curves this morning.
If I can get hubby and grandson on board tomorrow I want to do a 5 mile bike ride to a really awesome park with a lake that I discovered this week.

Somoca 2012-05-18 22:57:02 -0500 Report

Curves?? I have seen the advertisement on TV but never knew anyone who had actually gone there. Is it a good place?

Gambling 2012-05-18 15:33:28 -0500 Report

ok ok If I remember Saturday morning I will go work out at the condos gym !Ill do some equipment work out and some sttionary bike riding along with some walking !

GabbyPA 2012-05-18 07:24:11 -0500 Report

Socmoca, you are GREAT! Thank you for this.

Today I am going to walk the flea market (without money so no shopping! LOL)
Earlier this week it was weeding day in the garden. Feels good to get dirty.

Somoca 2012-05-18 12:54:20 -0500 Report

Gabby? SOCMOCA??? LMBOOOOO how do I say that five times really fast? LMBOOOO.. I am still laughing. I have to use that when I do a ID change. Lord have mercy.

Somoca 2012-05-18 12:46:40 -0500 Report

I'm enjoying it :D..it keeps me motivated.Now that's a good walk strategy Gabby. :D Keep it up lady

Somoca 2012-05-17 16:10:37 -0500 Report

I tried my hand at Tai Chi. Stretching and moving. I look like a mime on Quaalude. But I got a work out, wheww.

Irish1951 2012-05-17 16:37:49 -0500 Report

I have practiced Tai Chi for about 6 years. It is great exercise. It's not important how it looks to someone else, only how you feel. It helps me with balance, stress relief, and joints. Keep it up you will love it!

DeanaG 2012-05-15 22:58:40 -0500 Report

This morning I did 30 minutes circuit training at Curves, 30 minutes of Zumba and then some water aerobics and swimming this afternoon.

Somoca 2012-05-15 16:29:13 -0500 Report

Today, I danced to "gospel music" and I walked. How about anybody else?

~Emily~M~ 2012-05-16 21:10:29 -0500 Report

Im sorta new nd like i was diagnosed with type 1 in november nd like yeah…but i walk about 2.5 miles everyday nd jump on my trampoline…probably because i have a lot of energy but any reasons why my blood suger would be hogh after i get done exersizing???

jayabee52 2012-05-17 05:06:01 -0500 Report

If you hadn't eaten anything before you started exercising you may have gotten what is called a "liver dump". It is an emergency response from most everyone's body (not just People With Diabetes {PWDs} to keep most anyone from crashing from low blood glucose.

Try eating something which contains protein in it before you exercise like that again, Emily. Perhaps a couple slices of apple with a teaspoon of peanut butter on it, will keep your Blood Glucose (BG) levels from dipping. You may have to "play" with your intake for a bit to get the optimal results, but it will, I believe, be worth it.