Having a good attitude makes life easier!

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I do have to admit I eat foods that I shouldn't. I space it out though. I have taken my diet, now, seriously. I have to because it gets expensive to have to keep getting the meds, or going for follow up appointments and hearing the same thing from your Dr. when there isn't any possitive changes. Its frustrating when the numbers on your CBC are not normal, and so high that the Dr. have to keep rising the doses on our medication, to the point where they can't go up anymore. They make you stay on it, even though you have side effects that adds to more to the problems. If we don't take care of ourselfs, who is to blame?? Us, we, are the only ones to blame. The Dr. can't do much, he/she is limited by law as to what can be done. We can sure do our best on our side! Have a good attitude even in the mist of having diabetes or anything else always helps. We can help ourselfs, by not complaining, and just do what we need to do to stay on top of things. That's what please the Dr. Our bodies sure thank us for it! The less we have wrong with our bodies, more longer we are able to live freely and have full confidence in knowing that we are dong all we can! Being supportive of other's helps to :)

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Amen to that! We can be our own best friend or our own worst enemy. In the end, it's our call and only our call.

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