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I'm new to this site, and I was browsing through it and I find a lot of type 2 discussions, about there meal plan and loosing weight and being controlled with there sugars and weight, and my thing is I would love to have some information on type 1 on somebodys daily meal plan routine and being controlled, and not worrying about weighing to much and keeping my a1c to do a good number. I would appreciate it a lot if I get some information, or would love to share there meal plan with me

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Jccandals 2012-08-06 05:38:24 -0500 Report

You would think the diet would be completely different from a type 2, my husband who is a type one thought he needed to eat alot of carbs, because it kept him from going low, and that me being a type 2 did not need alot of carbs because I needed to lower them, I am now finding out that he is not exactly correct. It is true that my husband is on insulin so thus he needs to watch the carbs carefully to make sure that he has enough to cover his insulin, but those carbs do not need to be unhealthy carbs either. Believe it or not, my husband who use to be real thin, is now gaining weight, and not because he has been on my diet, nope his diet has been effecting mine instead, therefore, he is not doing as good as he should be. Now were both looking at my plan for a diet instead. By the way Type 2 diabetics need to have carbs also, not saying you said they didn't, just saying there is not as much of a difference as some may think in my experience. Both need to be aware of their carbs, exercise and food choices are important in both. I would look at being aware of your carbs and most hospitals and VAs, and such have information on how to do this, not sure but may be free of cost too.

MOMMY_OF_AN_ANGEL 2012-05-16 09:20:24 -0500 Report

However, if you do carb counting, you can practically eat anything as long as you take the insulin to cover it. I dont know how much that will help woth losing weight, but carb counting opens your options for different and a variety of food ;)

John Lassider
John Lassider 2012-05-15 18:01:04 -0500 Report

The meal plan that I try to keep up with is summarized pretty well on this health website called healthtap (bit.ly/type1diabetesdiet)
Pretty much all of the types of foods the doctor says to you should have in your diet you should, but honestly I think it is fine if you do not always follow the diet strictly. You can live a little. I mean I actually once in a while even eat chocolate. haha. This just means I got to make it up another time.

forsakes alive
forsakes alive 2012-05-15 10:04:58 -0500 Report

most of what you find wether the person is type 1 or type 2 ,you will find that the regimine of meal plans are very similar. If your having trouble with a meal plan(understanding) see a nutritionist,diabetes exactucator

MOMMY_OF_AN_ANGEL 2012-05-15 09:14:27 -0500 Report

When they started you on the pump, didn't they have you see a dietician?? When they first gave me mine, they sent me to one and she went through carb counting with me and helped me with chosing foods to help me gain weight (as I was pregnant and I always have a hard time gaining weight while pg) Depending on if you have insurance, I would schedule an appointment with one. Theyre really helpful and youll learn a lot about what foods really can pack on the pounds and which ones you can eat often and wont affect your weight. Exercise helps too if you like it ( I say raising 2 boys is my source of exercise! lol) What kind of stuff do you eat? Whats your typical day of foods?