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High-fiber diets may blast away visceral fat, the health-threatening stuff that lies deep beneath the pudginess. Using CT scans to measure fat at the beginnning and end of a 5-year study period, researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, NC found that people who ate more soluble fiber—10 grams a day was the magic number—gained less dangerous belly fat than those who didnt. Exercise helped even more.

Beyond the belly fat link, fiber is a great weight-loss weapon because it helps fill you up. How to get to 10 grams: Start your day with a cup of cooked oatmeal and a large chopped apple; have a sandwich made on whole wheat bread for lunch, a quartered orange for a snack, and a cup of cooked broccoli as a side with dinner. Other soluble-fiber stars: dried beans, peas, and prunes.

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femaletrucker 2012-05-20 01:20:11 -0500 Report

You can try ground flaxseed…give yogurt a nutty flavor and gives you good fiber. Also you might try Quinoa (spelling?). Its made as a noodle or can be found similar to rice. Actually, it comes from a grass that the Inka's found and used long ago, contains no wheat or gluten. Additionally, I found this thing called a Miracle Noodle that I incorporated into stir fried chicken. Great rice noodle consistancy, but it has NO CALORIES, NO CARBS, NO SUGAR!!! Its made from a root that comes from Japan and has iron and fiber. They make Miracle Rice as well. Also, Kelp noodles are great to help lower glucose as well. Kelp noodles have no flavor, so they take on the flavor of the sauce you make or the spices and herbs you use.

dietcherry 2012-05-20 23:17:33 -0500 Report

Hey! Do you have to order Miracle Noodle or can you buy it locally? I want to try it but its rather pricey :( Hate to admit it but Ive never heard kelp noodles; where might I find those???

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2012-05-14 19:01:37 -0500 Report

Yeah, now I will have to make sure and eat an apple a day.
Love broccoli and glad it is a good food in many ways. Usually I add broccoli to my lunch salad (no sandwhich since the bread gives me a spike).
Thanks, this gives another incentive to start adding a few more dried beans into my meal menus. Tried them on a tostado last week and they seemed to eliminate most of the corn BG spike.
Will have to test what peas do to my BG. It's funny, but I have assumed they were bad for me based on the decades old info that was available when I was helping my mother-in-law with her Diabetes. All the experts seemed to say no peas too starchy avoid at all costs. I never questioned that old chestnut when I started dealing personally with Diabetes 2 and 1/2 years ago. Peas are in a three way tie with carrots and broccoli as my favorite vegies.

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