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This morning I have been reading on how some people are getting tired of being a diabetic or they are burned out. I am not one to complain, as I have those feelings at times to. I don't let it get to me though. I just wanted to share what I myself do to keep from getting burned out or getting depressed.

First of all, the best thing is not to let it get to you. Do what you have to do to keep it under control! The worst thing to do is not to give up! I hate feeling depressed or having blue days. When that happens I turn the other cheek. This is where I am glad that I am a Christian, because I talk to God allot about my frustrations! I do that through prayer. I also write in a journal. I do it on a daily basises. I get motivated by reading the Bible and focusing on what God wants me to do. I ask Him to show me how I can help others to. Now I am not imposing my religion on any of you. This is what keeps me going. It helps me!

If I can, I also find some type of volunteer work in the community or at church. Join a committy that supports health causes or possitive causes that impacts your community. This lifts your spirits in more ways then one! You can meet so many new people and have new friends this way! Have fun at the same time. Helping someone else your your community will boost your energy level, and give you a better hopeful feeling.

Join a support group that will be beneficial for you. Don't join one where you go and here the negatives. Go where it sounds like its a possitive group. Do all you can to keep going and you will be so fanatic about what you are able to do, that you never thought possible!

Keep on keeping on, and helping other's is the best way to get your mind off of our problems.

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Just Joyce
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Nana, you are absolutely correct. Activity takes the mind off of being diabetic, lonely or even boredom. Community associations and schools need lots of help. I am a community leader and I am always involved in something. I was asked by the commander of our police district to go to a series of meetings with him that will lead up to a Day of Hope in my community. This day will provide food to those in need, health screenings, financial services, prayer in groups or in private, drug counseling services, and activities for people of all ages.

I started a project with 2 other community leaders, the police department and our city council rep that turned out to be bigger that what we thought. Our goal is to reduce crime in a housing project and find out what services the residents need and provide them with help taking back their community. We have planned several events including a Town Hall meeting, Health Fairs and a National Night Out event.

I worked with 6 people all with disabilities, one was a paraplegic, one legally blind, one with heart problems, one an amputee with diabetes and one who had suffered 21 mini strokes. I never ever heard any of them complain about their health problems and they were a fun group to work with and are very hard workers.

Remember the days when neighbors helped each other? A neighbor could borrow a cup of sugar or an egg and return the favor in another form. Today people go home and seem to hide there. It doesn't hurt to mow a neighbors grass, collect food and clothing for the needy, or simply to pay it forward. Today a lot of people need some kind of help and with funding for services being cut, the person sitting beside you in church may be going home to not enough food to feed their family or no power at home.

Instead of sitting at home getting tired of being diabetic, get up, get out and get moving. Go to the school in your community and see if you can help a teacher or a student. Go to your local library and see if you can volunteer to tell stories or read to the kids. Form a book club or start a community garden. In the end you will have given back, felt good knowing that you helped someone. More importantly, you never know when you may need help and a complete stranger will lend a hand. At the end of the day, you will find that being diabetic never crossed your mind but you will have had fun and be a little tired.