Grow Your Own Turmeric

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Like in grade school, I had a field trip today that was amazing. I went to visit a garden of a man who grows food for his family and makes his own cane syrup, grows heirloom vegetables, ferments his harvests and so much more. It was fascinating. He offered advice, showed me some tips and then he pointed out a plant I was thrilled to see. Turmeric!

Many of you know that it is a spice that offers some holistic help with our glucose numbers. Adding it to your food makes them lively. I have only seen it as an expensive powder in the store and had no idea how it grew.

It looks just like fresh ginger, but the color is that deep orange-yellow. You just chop up a chunk of it into your meal and let it flavor your meal. To grow it, all you need is a little "finger" and put it in the ground and watch it grow. The leaf looks like ginger too.

I am always looking for ways to grow the expensive foods I like to keep on hand, and this is a gold mine. This is a great plant even for those of you who just grow things in a pot in your kitchen window. It will do well just about anywhere.

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"Sue" 2012-06-14 13:05:10 -0500 Report

Hi ; I'm new at diabetic-connect and I would like know more about what other types of spices and hearbs that can grow ,that will, or can help with type -2 -diabetes. I have type-2- diabetes. And I'm the among all of my siblings, and family that have this disease . And it's very, very hard to cook for your family that dosen't have this disease. I want to cook and healthly as well , w/out the fat .You can e-mail me at small, or here .— Thank you Sue.

jayabee52 2012-06-14 14:35:39 -0500 Report

Howdy Sue! WELCOME to DiabeticConnect. Sorry you qualify for our "little party" but since you do it is great you are here.

Yes it is hard to cook for folks who don't have this disease, but following a Diabetes eating plan is one of the healthiest ways to eat. And if you don't make a big thing about eating this way, you may be able to gradually introduce the diabetes meal plan to your family without them being the wiser.

There are really no "special foods" for diabetes. You can eat regular food as long as you stay away from the "white foods" like bread, potatoes, rice, oatmeal and so forth. You may need to practice portion control also. But once you get used to eating that way it is a good way to eat.

One more thing I wish to suggest to you: You probably don't know that everything we write here on the discussion boards can be searched and found on Google. I have found several of my discussions as a Google result.

So if you don't want to get tons more spam, may I suggest that you look for the "edit" link beneath your posting above (to the right of the "reply" link).

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Praying for your improving health, and blessings to you and yours,

James Baker

Lizardfan 2012-06-14 10:28:07 -0500 Report

I grow sweet basil, oregano, thyme, sage and chives yearly. I love the freshness and cook with them all the time. I have a small garden with heirloom tomatoes, cukes, squash, zucchini, radishes and lettuce. I love home grown!

jigsaw 2012-05-16 17:57:52 -0500 Report
GabbyPA 2012-05-16 20:42:05 -0500 Report

Turmeric Tea?! Would never have thought of that. I may have to try it. Today I ground up my dehydrated root and it looks beautiful! I can't wait to try it. Now if I could get the yellow out of my fingernails. LOL.
Check out my pictures of how I ground it up.

jigsaw 2012-05-17 04:18:56 -0500 Report

I knew it was related to ginger, but based on your photo, the root looks exactly like ginger root.

GabbyPA 2012-05-18 07:46:33 -0500 Report

Yep, when I saw the plant above ground I thought it was ginger. But once you dig it up, you can smell the earthy turmeric. When you snap the roots open you see that brilliant orange color.
I used some on my roasted chicken last night with some other earthy spices. YUM.

jigsaw 2012-05-18 19:28:25 -0500 Report

I'm going to plant some in my vege garden! I keep hearing about all it's super health benefits. I do use the store bought type. Thanks for the growing info!

GabbyPA 2012-05-19 20:57:05 -0500 Report

Give it a whirl. Mine are doing great. One is growing a new leaf, so I can't wait until I can grind up some that I grew in my garden.

swlinda 2012-06-14 08:23:43 -0500 Report

Gabby this sounds good and it might help my arthritis and fibromyalgia also. Thanks for the tip.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-05-12 19:34:07 -0500 Report

Gabby I think people would be surprised at what fruits and veggies that can be grown in a container on the patio, deck, balcony or in the yard. My sister grows, squash, kale, collards, broccoli, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, a variety of hot peppers, sage, watermelon and cantaloupes in the community garden, at home in containers, we have strawberries, tomatoes, sage, peppers and spinach.
The city gives away, leaf mold which is very rich but also grows weeds like mad. Pesticides are not used and a row must be planted for the hungry. We enjoy the fruits of her labor. It also helps that my sister is a Certified Master Gardener. Must try tumeric.

GabbyPA 2012-05-13 11:15:37 -0500 Report

You are so right. My first garden in my adult years was a container garden because our HOA would not allow an in-ground garden. It is so true how much you can do in pots. There is a lot less weeding usually as well. I love that your sister is involved in a community garden. I really think people miss out of those opportunities. There are hundreds of them popping up now. In fact, just today, I picked 5 pounds of green and wax beans. I canned 6 pints of 3 bead salad this morning.

I don't know where you can get turmeric to start. If you really want some, I have some "fingers" I can send your way. Just put them in the ground and watch them grow. Now that I am making my own pickles, turmeric is very important. I'm glad to have some growing.