Reap what you sow...

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Ok so I'm reading the discussion on fatty foods and the picture of the pizza is calling my name in three different languages. I make a deal with myself. The five meat three cheese pizza in the oven will not be my meal but the family's meal. I cook it and pull it out of the oven and the cheese is dripping and leaving obscene pictures in my head of how good it will feel in my mouth trickling down the corner of my mouth. I bargain with god ( first mistake) if I eat just a little I will work it off tomorrow (HAH). So I cut the pizza into slices and when I come to my part which is bigger than a slice ( You can tell)…the darn thing slides off the pizza stone and lands on my toe!!!!!!! How do I explain getting a toe burn from a slice of pizza I shouldn't have had? Yes, I did curse and then I just shook my head. Grabbed a tuna sandwich and went to bed.

Does anyone know what I mean????

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Young1s 2012-05-09 18:45:08 -0500 Report

Oh man. God saw right through that lie. For me it's my lasagna. I allow myself one small slab and watch in envy as my family digs in at will, as I munch on a salad. Whatever is left over is lunch for my hubby the next day.

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