Kidney function VERY poor :( HELP....

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Went to the doctor yesterday for extreme swelling of my abdomen down to my feet and thought it was from my high blood pressure (have had this problem for the last 7 months, after having my son). However, my dr heard my heart murmur and said a valve didnt sound like it was working properly. This made sense because I have heart arythimia (fast heart rate) and have known about the murmur since I was 8 (now 26). Anywho, she sent me for a blood test and gave me a script to go get a heart ultrasound done. Well, today she called and told me my MICROALBUMIN AND CREATNINE LEVEL SHOULD BE 30, MINE IS 659! From what ive read, its too much protein in the urine and my kidneys are not filtering the way they should be. Ive read I should keep protein out my diet which REALLY sucks cuz I LOVE meat! Anyone else going through or has gone through this???? Should I be worried?

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cindygal1 2012-05-09 23:16:47 -0500 Report

It sounds like your doctor is on top of everything and all of us have to give up some things. I have noticed that my feet and legs are swelling, so I am going to see my doctor on the the 14th of this month and discuss this with her. She already had me on a water pill, so there has to be something else causing, will let you know what she says. Good Lucask.

MOMMY_OF_AN_ANGEL 2012-05-14 10:53:59 -0500 Report

Hey Cindy! Just wondering of you went to your dr appt already. Yea, my dr gave me a water pill as well, Lasix, but she doesn't want to keep me on it as it is bad for the kidneys. Ugh,…go figure!

GabbyPA 2012-05-09 08:15:07 -0500 Report

James is our resident expert on this. He is a great person to talk to if you really want the nitty gritty truth. Try not to panic. Take things one step at a time.

jayabee52 2012-05-09 12:14:04 -0500 Report

thanks Gabby for that testimonial! Good advice from you too!

MOMMY_OF_AN_ANGEL 2012-05-09 16:24:39 -0500 Report

Oh yes, I remember James from back a year ago when I was on here on a daily basis. Very good person to get info from ;)

jayabee52 2012-05-10 02:29:12 -0500 Report

are you interested in the links I offered and if so, to which inbox would you like me to send them?

I don't want to clutter your inbox with something in with you would not be interested.

MOMMY_OF_AN_ANGEL 2012-05-14 09:36:59 -0500 Report

I would be interest James! Thanks in advance. The whole editing my name thing with google search and all is a bit confusing to me right now, while at work. I will try to do it at home where I have more time and quietness! lol. And I went to your page to follow you and it says I am already a follower :)

jayabee52 2012-05-08 18:38:07 -0500 Report

Howdy Mommy!

I am sorry to hear of your protein and createine levels. Did you happen to learn what your Glomelular Filtration Rate (GFR) is?

I also have kidney issues and am close to needing dialysis, so I know a bit about kidneys and kidney function.

I am wondering if I had sent some resources I had found about kidney and diabetes issues. I suspect I haven't since I don't think I was aware you had kidney issues.

I would be happy to share these resources with you should you want to see them. There is a general PDF file on stages 1 through 4 of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and diabetes which tells you about how CKD and diabetes affects you. There is another PDF file about "stage 5" of CKD: "End Stage Renal Disease" (ESRD) where it is necessary to go on dialysis to live.

I also have several articles of how to eat with CKD and diabetes mellitus (DM), which can be a tricky and frustrating meal plan.

I like to send these links in an email so there is not a tendency to get them "buried" in the conversation. Should you wish to see thies items all you would need to do is ask for me to send them.

I am so very sorry to hear of one so young having problems like these at such a young age.

My 2nd wife "Jem" had multiple medical challenges too and she had heart arrythmia (tachycardia) as one of those challenges. That can be really frightening. Unfortunately for me, I lost her to one of those medical challenges in July of 2010 at age 55 (much too young).

My prayers are with you and your young ones.

Also praying God's richest blessings upon you and yours

email me should you ever want to "talk" or "vent".

James Baker

Momma2all 2012-05-09 17:44:32 -0500 Report

Mr. Baker, my email address is Sandymunson@Verizon. Net and I am very much interested in those articles. Would you please email them to me? Thanks and Gid bless you!

jayabee52 2012-05-10 01:25:45 -0500 Report

Howdy Sandy! WELCOME to DiabeticConnect!

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