What kind of medication can I get on being a type 1?

By melissa1987 Latest Reply 2012-06-16 17:28:58 -0500
Started 2012-05-04 07:11:37 -0500

I was just wondering because my doctor is trying to get me off insulin n on medications just wondering if anyone out there has been through this n what kind n how many do u have to take? I really think my doctor is making a Hugh mistake tho and once he reads my numbers he will keep me on insulin. I think it's safer for me . But ya has anyone heard of any medications n could they be better then insulin?

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Type1Lou 2012-06-16 17:28:58 -0500 Report

Dear Melissa, I too dealt with a similar issue when I first moved to Florida. I had been on insulin for about 20 years at that time and my Florida PCP thought that in addition to my NPH insulin I should try one of the oral meds because he thought I might have been developing insulin resistance since my sugars had been running higher. I forget the name of what he had me try but after a week and a half using it and being rushed to the hospital for a serious low BG, I told him I didn't want to continue taking it. (The med subsequently was taken off the market as dangerous…I think it was Avandia.) He then changed me to MDI of Lantus and Novolog which worked well up until a few years ago. I never felt the PCP really knew what he was doing with a Type 1 diabetic and later found an endocrinologist to take care of my diabetes. I discovered that I am far from insulin-resistant, in fact I'm more sensitive to it than most. It is IMPORTANT that you find a board-certified endocrinologist who specializes in treating Type 1 diabetes…the general practitioners just don't have the knowledge needed to treat you..(I'm not saying that your GP is a bad doctor, just that you need a specialist to handle your diabetes.) Your life depends on it. Good luck!

diabetesfree 2012-05-08 11:40:02 -0500 Report

I'd be tempted to check with the state medical board to see if he actually has a license to practice medicine. Telling a Type I diabetic that they should stop taking insulin makes no sense whatsoever. I would find a new Doctor or a specialist ASAP. Good luck.

melissa1987 2012-05-09 02:19:05 -0500 Report

He's my family doctor… I know he has a medical license. I just think he's making a mistake that's all.

jigsaw 2012-05-09 13:27:03 -0500 Report

Sounds like a serious and very big mistake! It could have serious repercussions on your health!

jigsaw 2012-05-05 20:17:01 -0500 Report

Here's a link that you might find helpful:


melissa1987 2012-05-06 01:00:54 -0500 Report

I understand what a type 1 diabetic is … I just understand why my doctor is lowering my insulin n now I'm getting really bad highs n I have no energy or anything. It feels The way I felt when I was a diabetic. I don't know I go back to him in 2 weeks n I put my insulin up cuz my numbers were getting crazy . I just don't get how he's saying he's gonna get me off the insulin n on meds. If I could find a new doctor believe me I would but there hard to get around here. Thanks guys n I'll let you know what the doctor does.

Pharmacist George
Pharmacist George 2012-05-05 19:32:26 -0500 Report

Melissa your dr may also prescribe An injectable drug called Symlin but to be addeded to insulin. So as I stated that if you confirm he'll stop insulin completely seek another dr.

Pharmacist George
Pharmacist George 2012-05-05 19:22:15 -0500 Report

Hi Melissa if you're Type 1 you are dependent on Insulin for survival because your Pancreas does not produce insulin. I m thinking you may have understood what your dr means. He/she may want to add Metformin, an insulin sensitizer prescribed for Type 2, to help sensitize your body for insulin. Or he may want to change your insulin regimen or dosages or change you to an insulin Pen. Find out more information and if you confirm that he wants to stop insulin all together then change doctors and find a good endocrinologist. Let me know what happens.

pixsidust 2012-05-05 14:00:14 -0500 Report

Do be clear to express how you feel about this with him.
You need to be safe so speak up and be firm!

MoeGig 2012-05-05 13:12:47 -0500 Report

Find a new doctor, quick! All the time he's trying to get you off insulin, and your sugars are running high, irreversible complications are setting in. You need to have your a1c below 7 stat. (A term used in emergency rooms :>) I know, I stayed in a Holiday Inn once) I've been Type 1 for 47 years.

Caroltoo 2012-05-05 03:45:17 -0500 Report

If you are Type 1 and insulin resistant, your insulin needs can decrease as you reduce your insulin resistance through careful attention to diet and exercise. It just means you make better use of insulin (produced by your body or introduced by shots).

I was also reading this evening that Type 1s who still have some functional beta cells can "save" those cells through intensive insulin use at first, followed by a time when there is some insulin produced by the body and some injected, if they make diet and exercise changes that are needed and use B vitamin supplementation. Interesting idea … don't know if that is where your doctor may be going with this or not.

MHoskins2179 2012-05-04 16:39:40 -0500 Report

Is there some element of misdiagnosis here, where your doctor thinks/says your Type 2 but you are Type 1/1.5? If you're Type 1, you will need to be on insulin - that means you are not producing any and it's required. But if you are Type 2, then you might be able to be "weaned" off. If you doubt what the doc says, any he or she isn't able to explain why this is the case, then a 2nd opinion might be best… Just my thoughts, though.

jayabee52 2012-05-04 10:48:44 -0500 Report

As a Type 1 you are pretty much limioted to insulin. If you have ANY output from your pancreas at all some of the other meds like metformin are an addition to your injected insulin. The metformin is to combat insulin resistence. But that is generally because the insulin has a way of putting fat on one's body. If I remember correctly, you don't seem to have that problem yet.

alanbossman 2012-05-04 10:42:34 -0500 Report

You may need to find another doctor as far as i know T1 need insulin because their body does not produce any insulin at all.

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