The Lonliest Day Of The Week

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I guess it just feels like the low after a week of highs, but I feel so sad and lonely today, and only yesterday I met my first goal. Married to the same guy for 5 years, wow. We have been together for 13 years, tho. But,still, a major accomplishment. Graduation party and 25th birthday party is over with, and now it seems so that there is nothing to look forward to. Nothing but the dead of the winter, and that makes me feel very lost, depressed and lonely. And Sunday is usually a family day, and my family is, once again, all spread over and not close by. I saw them all for the first time in many, many years last week, and I really do not think I will see them again in this lifetime.

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No, Debe; Unfortunatley I have been on disability for quite a while now, and really never worked much because of hospitalizations. And over 4 years ago we moved out of my comfort zone, and even tho that is only 20 mins. or so away; I do not leave my house, and can not see or feel enought to drive anymore. I am not even into my sixties yet,and had more operations an hospital stays than most people have in 2 lifetimes. As for friends; I am usually pretty shy and afraid to even go outdoors where I do not know people, so it is really hard for me.:->)luv Claudia
Thanks for caring

msann 2008-11-16 20:17:50 -0600 Report

hey lilmarm52, just asking do you work, kids close friends you can talk with, you need something to keep you busy, may god bless you

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It is all good advice, as always, Gabby; but I guess I have to work through this mood before I can move on. A lot of it is a new diagnosis I am not ready to talk about, until I absorb it myself; but, then there are the holidays, and I can not do my usual home made crafts for gifts. That is very discourageing beside the fact that who can afford even reasonably cheap gifts; cause that is what they are cheap and chinsy.

GabbyPA 2008-11-18 16:09:05 -0600 Report

We are not doing a traditional Christmas this year either because of finances. It is hard, because our family is usually so generous, but we are really down to nothing.

So we are going to share with others, ourselves in promises to do something like always keep the clothing hung up...things that are personal.

The other thing I used to always do is give something that is mine to someone that I love. For example, a pair of earrings that I like as a gift to a special friend takes on more special meaning when shared that way. It doesn't have to be big, it just has to come from the heart. Write a poem or a story. Little things like that really touch people's hearts, and that is what it's all about...not things, but feelings.

I don't know all that you struggle with, but if you really want a listening heart, drop me a note. I will always be honest with you...((hugs))

GabbyPA 2008-11-16 11:22:54 -0600 Report

It is so hard sometimes after a great week or time, that we stumble. I had a great october and November started out kind of rough. It is the antisipation of things to come that is almost better than the event itself.

So here is what I do....plan another event or goal. That gives me new purpose. In October I had lost 12 pounds, the first week in November I gained 2 back. First I got mad, then I got busy. Those two are gone again now, and I can move on to new nubmers.

Depression makes you feel like you won't see your family again and that is a double edge sword. So here's what you do. If you really think you will not see them again, relish the moments you had. Keep those memories close and relive them often.

If you think depression is just playing a game in your head with doom and gloom. Just kick it to the curb and plan an event or save for a trip where you can go see them again.

My family and friends are spread all over the country. But as long as I keep in touch, I know the opportunity will come for me to see them again. It might not be under the conditions I would like, but time spent with family and friends is always time well spent.

Just remember, it's like cleaning up after the kind of sucks. But it doesn't stop you from planning the next party...because the fun you have far outweighs the work after.