Good or True Cinnamon versus Bad Cinnamon

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Docs recommend at least a daily cinnamon teaspoon to help lower blood glucose. Here in Rio de Janeiro Brazil the only that I could find was the Cynnamomu cassia or China cinnamon. I started to take it, but soon I found out on health websites that China cinnamon has a toxic component named COURAMIM. If consumed in large scale and daily can cause harm to the liver. I have heard too that Cassia cinamos is largely found on US food stores.
So, keep an eye on this subject. The true cinnamon is Ceylon cinnamon (cynnamomu zeylanicum). It's manufactured mostly in Sri Lanka. I was fortunate when I sent an e-mail to the exporter company. Although he only sell in large quantitiy, he made an exception to me and I could get 2 pounds of its powder by mail. In this crazy world we still can find helping and caring people.
How do you tell the differences betwenn the two cinnamons ?
1) If you are bying bark sticks - the true cinnamon has a soft and lighter color and it folds like a newspaper showing many layers.
The cassia cinnamos has hard bark, the color is dark brown, it folds only at the two ends and is hollow.
2) if you are bying in power - it's more difficult to tell and you have to trust in the manufacturer. The true cinnamon has a lighter color and is more sweet. When you put water or other liquid over a small quantity in a plate, it forms a uniform mixture and do not create some small blocks highly concentrated

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jayabee52 2012-04-28 12:32:07 -0500 Report

So that is why the cinnamon and chromium capsules I had bought did not seem to work. Undoubtedly they were the wrong form of cinnamon.

I looked it up and found a supplier of the "true" cinnamon based in Florida USA willing to sell consumer sized quantities. The link to this cinnamon may be found here ~

I believe I will pay the $24.99 per pound (shipping extra) and see if this cinnamon really works for me or not.

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