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J Kate
By J Kate Latest Reply 2012-05-11 10:08:17 -0500
Started 2012-04-25 15:04:00 -0500

This is a new smart phone app to help diabetics with eating out smart. The developers contacted DC and were hoping to find people to test the app.

The application is very simple to use. Just go to
http://diabeats.co on a smartphone and begin searching for restaurants
around you. If you find a restaurant you'd like to review, find the
restaurant in our search bar, hit the review button, and make the review.
If you've never used the application before, you will need to make a
one-time approval of the application using Facebook.

You can search for restaurants nearby, or based on the type of food.
Learn what other diabetics have said to make smarter decisions.
Then give advice on how other diabetics can learn from
your experience at a restaurant.
This resource will only be as powerful as the reviews you provide are.
We love hearing from you, the customers. So if you have any comments,
questions, or requests, please send us an email at hello@diabeats.co small

1) Go to www.diabeats.co
on any smartphone

2) Done! Easy, right?

Just an FYI, the website is .co not .com.

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Irish1951 2012-05-11 10:08:17 -0500 Report

I agree with the other posts about the nutritional info is most important. In addition, of the 50 restaurants listed on the first page, 10 are no longer in business in my area and two of the addresses listed were closed and replaced and the replacement restaurant has also closed. The site is of no use for me.

DeanaG 2012-05-11 08:11:58 -0500 Report

I agree! I need nutritional facts much more than others opinions. I also deleted the app.

chevystang 2012-05-09 18:57:25 -0500 Report

I agree with Manny, being a trucker,i dont have a lot of places that I can eat at.Nutritional menus would work better for some one like me.

Manny Nomen
Manny Nomen 2012-05-04 17:36:03 -0500 Report

Well I checked it out. Not impressed. Would have preferred one that linked to nutritional menus rather than someone's opinions.
Deleted the app.