Lowering your A1C

Melissa Dawn
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Started 2008-11-15 10:28:21 -0600

I'm by no means the most controlled diabetic on the planet, but I am seeing greater success lately. Some of that is due to people here and their suggestions. The simplest one I received seems to make a difference: take your insulin 15 minutes before you eat. I'd been doing it right as I ate, but now I try to make sure (when possible) that its already in my system before the food gets there.

I'd like to have a discussion about other things you've tried doing to lower your A1C. I already do the following:

1. Take my insulin early
2. Use an insulin pump (wonderful.)
3. Test my blood sugar approximately 8 times a day.
4. Weigh foods with carbs (when possible — not always easy or practical) to improve my carb counting. (So often the recommended number of chips in a serving size differs from the weight of the serving size — who knew?)
5. I don't exercise as often as I should, but I'm at least a pretty active person during the day.
6. Middle of the night blood tests from time to time.

So what else do you find works for you?

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