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I am sort of new diagnosised…What I mean is that I was diagnosised and treated in 2007-2010. I had barely failed the 2 hr glucose test with a 205 & 210, had fastings in upper 70 to lower 80 and HgA1c of 5.4. Had lung surgery in June 2010 which cured me of chronic pneumonia secondary to undiagnosised birth defect; after recovering from final bout of pneumonia caught in hospital I started hitting rock bottom frequently, so primary took me off meds and assumed the failed glucose test must have been done when I was sick. 1 1/2 yrs later fastings are low 100's and I requested Endo appointment.

The first go around I had so much health issues developing, I worked at it but not as well as I could have. This time around, I'm older, healthier, although have less exercise tolerance due to missing 1/2 lung; but I'm learning all I can.

I have always struggled with weight issues since I was 16 (thank you PCOS-diagnosised 20 yrs later) and still have a final 19 pounds to go. I did metformin and then switched to byetta first treatment time; this time around byetta for two months, now on 2nd shot of bydureon (love it so far)

As to rest of my life DH has arthritis, but is still working thanks th expensive meds and DS was a premie and hasn't known a day of life without meds (except when he forgets them, he's 20). He has health issues also,but works part time and goes to college part time

Looking for tons of support, get some at home but DH likes to THINK he is a doctor and sometimes it's not worth saying anything to him as he doesn't listen ;)

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Laura500 2012-04-23 11:01:14 -0500 Report

Hello! Wow you have been through a lot! I was diagnosed a month ago and so far this site has been huge with helping me to deal with things. I have struggled with weight for 20 years now and I so hear you on that front. You can do it! The important thing is you are doing all you can, and you will find so much support here :)

DavinaRN 2012-04-23 19:20:10 -0500 Report

Thanks, slowly learning my body and responses. Wishing now I had paid more attention in school on diabetic nutrition instead of just knowing what I had to in order to pass.

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