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Hi, this site is really helping me. I was diagnosed 4 months ago and it has been a challenge for me. Especially in the cooking area. My husband has multiple myeloma and is on a cancer maintenance drug and needs his food with more taste. Some of the recipes I have come across have been more bland and that leaves no taste for him. With more research on the internet, I am hoping to find more tasteful recipes. When first diagnosed,I was completely lost and found the more reading I did got me on the right track. Especially after talking to my dietician and learning about carbs acting like sugar. I never knew eatting less carbs could make such a difference in weight control. Since cutting out sodas and lowering my carbs, I have lost 26 lbs and feel better in control than I have ever been. Being diagnosed has given me a whole new outlook on life and more self control. My AIC was 7.4% and has already dropped to 7.1% and hope to keep it going down. My doctor says I am doing everything right and wishes more of his patients would follow the advice of their dieticians, so guess I am doing something right.
I lost a sister-in-law from diabetes 1 and know what the outcome can be from denial, and that was an awakening for me when I was told I have diabetes 2. It does mean more patience and definitely self-control. I was a chochoholic and that is a challenge for me. Although was gald to hear, my doctor said a small square of dark chocolate occasionally would be okay and was healthy for me.
Sure appreciate a site like this and know I will be back often.
Thanks, Roxie

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-04-22 17:34:50 -0500 Report

HI roxie welcome to DC. I have always known carbs turn to sugar, I simply ignored it. As a T2, I have cut out many carbs and lowered them as much as possible. I don't think there is a totally carb free diet. I replaced soda with water and then water with Crystal Light added to it. I have introduced myself to diet soda and ice cream with no sugar added and sugar free chocolate.

I go to family dinners and become the queen of table and teaspoons. I use those to fill my plate and found that I get more than enough to eat. My A1C is 6.5 and it took hard work to get it there.

I have also discovered apple pie with the apples baked in their natural juices. I can no longer tell the difference. Every now and then I treat myself to a 1 inch slice of real cake when my blood sugar is at my normal level for me.

You can take your recipes and convert them and add spices to change the flavor or find something different to add with the meal. Good luck to you.

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