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By EJMac Latest Reply 2012-04-27 02:12:19 -0500
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After 1 1/2 yrs I've gotten on disability which makes me eligible for medicare by the end of this year. I will be transferring from a great cobra policy to medicare. Looking at things, medicare is very confusing. Hard to tell which way to go. I do take alot of meds-expensive ones as well as my insulin. What I see now is that my copays on medicare with a supplement will be $45 a month for 4 of my meds with the others around $25 a month, Soooooooooo expensive. I thought I would be doing better on medicare-doesn't look like it. With the donut hole, it's so hard to determine which policy is best. Any advice from others who went through this process of getting on medicare?

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jayabee52 2012-04-21 17:08:33 -0500 Report

That's great EJ!

Do you have a medicare advantage plan? It is through a regular insurer who takes medicare assignments. Take a look at Medicare advantage plans. Currently my medicare advantage plan is through Humana, but there are many more insurers with medicare plans available. It was confusing for me, and I had to just make a decision, but I am happy with humana right now.

EJMac 2012-04-26 11:39:06 -0500 Report

Thanks for the info. I found the Medicare Advantage plans. Guess you can't get a supplemental plan unless you are 65. I take so many meds that are expensive or tier 3 so my amounts for prescroptions will go way up. How are you doing? Have you managed to stay off dialysis?

jayabee52 2012-04-27 02:12:19 -0500 Report

Yes I have managed to stay off dialysis. So far so good!

I have been very close for a little over a year. I see my Renal specialist every 2 months now, and 2 visits ago he suggested that I get prepared for dialysis by getting a fistula. I guess he didn't remember that I had been on Hemodialysis for 10 mos starting in Nov 2006 and have a good working fistula. He checked it last time and said it had matured well. I asked him if I would be able to fly to Milwaukee (from Las Vegas) to see my new girlfriend and he said OK.

About medicare advantage plans: I first got mine when I was 55 y/o so who gave you that info? I had no problem at 59 when I had to change to Humana (due to change in location — they don't have Kaiser Permanente {which I would have preferred - but it was 3 hrs 1 way to the nearest Kaiser facility} here in Las Vegas. ) So unless something has changed and I have been "grandfathered" into the Medicare advantage plan I am doing it at age 60. You may have passed the annual eligability window and so may to need to wait till next year (It started in Oct 2011 for this year.)

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