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Ok new question. My meter keeps telling me to check my Keytons why and what should they be?
And what are keytons anyway.
BS 385 were I felt yucky and still do at 165 I wish this new med would kick in and stay kicked im Maybe my body sucks up the Bydureon in 4 days and not in 7 :o)

I have had type 2 since 2005 and have been on Byetta and Victoza they both stopped working I cannot tolerate and of the Metformin type meds I am alergic to the sulfas and Insulin does not help.

The crazy thing is my a1c runs 5.7 to 6.2 all the time

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Angela In Iowa
Angela In Iowa 2012-05-01 18:20:41 -0500 Report

Yeppie Hurrary and Thank the powers that be my Byrdreon seems to finally be kicking in it has taken 5 weeks and along with the lantus I am taking at bed time most of my sugars are now under 170 and going down I am begining to feel human again?

Caroltoo 2012-04-22 17:28:08 -0500 Report

Keytones are the result of cells breaking down. Usually they are seen with DKA as James mentioned. I'd call my doctor on Monday and see what he wants you to do.

Angela In Iowa
Angela In Iowa 2012-04-22 21:58:52 -0500 Report

Thanks I called the Endo and he says as long as it goes down under 200 and does not stay higher he wants me to keep trying the Bydureon and I am to take him the meter reading next week. He had me get some Ketone test strips to keep watch and they have all been low,

Caroltoo 2012-04-23 02:14:13 -0500 Report

Glad you called him. When facing something new and scary, it's so good to get first hand information from a knowledgeable source. Feels so reassuring.

Lizardfan 2012-04-22 16:51:01 -0500 Report

Sorry, I can't help you with the ketone question, but I do have another one for you. How long have you been using Bydureon? It can take several weeks for it to work to full potential.

mkhojh99 2012-04-23 20:57:33 -0500 Report

I just did my 4th injection of Bydureon…havent noticed much difference yet…how many weeks does it take to work???

Angela In Iowa
Angela In Iowa 2012-04-24 17:39:02 -0500 Report

My Endo says 6 to 7 weeks for it to become fully effective the web site says
After 2 weeks, you may have better blood sugar levels before eating. Blood sugar levels may continue to improve over the next 6 to 7 weeks.
They also have a patient savings program
I gave them a call and go my card in 10 days
The were also offerig a kit to keep the Byureo in for no cost

Lizardfan 2012-04-24 21:23:53 -0500 Report

Angela, I ordered the free kit. It stores the 4 pack of Bydureon in your fridge neatly. Takes a few week for it to arrive.

Lizardfan 2012-04-24 14:45:04 -0500 Report

It can take up to six weeks to work fully and your blood sugars to stabilize. It is also very common, if you are a member of FaceBook check out the group Byetta and Diabetes. You will be able to read if you don't want to join, almost every Bydureon user has the same issue. Good luck!

jayabee52 2012-04-20 21:19:33 -0500 Report

Howdy Angela! WELCOME to DiabeticConnect. Sorry you have diabetes but since you do I'm glad you're here!

The main part of your question is about Ketones. An article from Joslin diabetes center which tells about Ketones and testing of ketones may be found here ~

I have never had a problem with Ketones, but it can really cause DKA comas and even in extreme cases, Death!

Regarding your A1c, you are aware that an A1c is an average figure of your Blood Glucose (BG) levels over the past 90 days. So you can have a high BG with a lower A1c only if you have lows (hypos) which affects your total average of your A1cs by offsetting your highs.

I pray you get your BG levels under control

James Baker

BTW where in IA are you? I have a son who is an EMT somewhere in the greater Des Moines area.

Angela In Iowa
Angela In Iowa 2012-04-22 22:01:11 -0500 Report

Hi thanks for the reply the Endo tells me my liver has parties in the middle of the night and this can be the dawn effect messing me up. I am in the capital city of the great state of Iowa :0)

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