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I found this diabetic drink on internet from DR. OZ
4tsp vinegar
2tsp fiber (physilium Husk) I like the orange flavored
1/2 glass of water…mix it all togeter and drink right before dinner or a high carb meal and it will keep your Blood sugar down…a friend and I have been doing it for a month now and it works great…she is type 2 and I am boarderline…after eating my bs will be around 115—-120…morning BS will be 105—-110…has any one else tried this? It is working just as well for my friend that has been diabetic for years and her BS use to go up to 200 or more.

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Irish1951 2012-04-20 17:54:57 -0500 Report

I have tried the psyllium fiber as a stand alone as well as the vinegar as a stand alone. Both seems to work for me in that they help me maintain a tight range of scores. My BS on them will stay in a 30-40 point spread from before eating to after a meal. I have not tried them together until tonight. One immediate improvement was the taste!! Sometimes the vinegar alone was "hard to swallow" to say the least.

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