Diabetes and weight training

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Hi everyone,

First off this is an awesome community and I am very glad that I found it.

My question is concerning weight training (gymming) and diabetes. Ok, so I dont want to look like a body builder but I do want to pick up muscle mass and get leaner.

Currently I eat 5/6 small meals a day and I use Low Gi Whey proteins after I train and before bed. What else can I do to increase muscle mass and drop body fat.

I train 4 times a week and drink 2,5 litres of water a day

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door331 2012-04-19 12:00:49 -0500 Report

Short answer- you cant increase mass and drop fat at the same time- especially strength training. You will need to go on cycles of bulking and then later cutting the fat off.

also, you will probably get better advice asking this kind of question in a fitness/bodybuilding forum. I strength train as well so if you are interested check out fitocracy.com and shoot me a msg on here.

Lizardfan 2012-04-18 11:58:44 -0500 Report

I don't have any advice for you but wanted to comment on my experience with weight lifting. I have walked for exercise for years and really enjoy it. Recently I joined a gym and started weight training and use the recumbent bike and the elliptical. I met with a trainer and she told me what to do in order to achieve my fitness goals. I love lifting weights and the Nautilus machines! It really helps my blood sugar levels too, even lower numbers! The one thing I do is have some protein before working out and drink lots of water, I work out 4 days a week. Have fun and enjoy those workouts!

dietcherry 2012-04-18 09:24:18 -0500 Report

What kind of cardio are you doing and for how long?

Lizardfan 2012-04-19 12:36:34 -0500 Report

I use the elliptical for two miles, the recumbent bike for 2 miles and the treadmill for one mile. Plus, it takes me about and hour or so to do the Nautilus circuit. I am trying to encourage a friend to walk as well and we do the nature trail walk at least twice a week at 3-4 miles each time. I love the nicer weather and just being outside!

jigsaw 2012-04-18 07:30:30 -0500 Report

Muscle utilizes glucose, so increased muscle mass will certainly help to maintain good bg levels. If you are using some expert guidelines for working the various muscle groups, then your probably doing fine. It's important not to over do it when weight training since it is possible to tear down muscle excessively.

peterjohn1 2012-04-25 05:35:01 -0500 Report

Well You can do Running which would make your slim and if you also want to increase mass then Swimming is also very useful exercise . Well My father has diabetes but he gets walking which is simple exercise but he wants to keep his blood sugar level in control instead of increasing mass .

chayogarza 2012-04-25 13:45:13 -0500 Report

i am doing the bike for 30 min 2x a day.i hope it helps me .lately my bg's have been wako. it seems i cant really eat much or else it goes up quick. i was doing great but it gets boring eating just about veggies im just very frustrated.

JSJB 2012-04-26 14:24:31 -0500 Report

When I first started on my bike I would be all worn out in 5 min of riding now I go 30 min each morning for a total of 4 miles. When my wife goes to the gym for therapy I use the walker or curnch the stomach area. It seems to be working because I am keeping my BS to 115 or less.

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