What is the role of stress in causing diabetes? Could stress management be part of the cure?

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Once we are diagnosed with diabetes the subject turns to diet and exercise to control blood glucose levels. Not much consideration is given to the issue of stress and how the control of stress might be used to treat and/or even cure diabetes. We know that stress causes blood glucose levels to rise so there is a connection. Here is my take on the subject:

Our nervous systems are designed to maintain a state of homeostatic balance – temperature, heart rate, glucose, etc. On top of that is the ability of the nervous system to prepare the body to counter a threat, known as the fight or flight response. The effect is to increase heart rate, dilates certain blood vessels while restricting other, increasing oxygen intake, blood glucose, insulin, etc. Then there is the ability of the nervous system to adapt to chronic stimuli or conditions that do not respond to our efforts, concerns or wishes. What happens when there is no reward for our efforts or no resolution to a problem we face? The ability of the body to maintain homeostatic balance is stressed and may eventually give in to the stressor.

Life is not about learning how to avoid stress. Stress is a necessary part of our development both physically and emotionally. A part of maintaining good health is about the food we eat but another part is how we utilize our energy. Stress management is about energy management. How do we direct our energy to best support and maintain our physical and emotional wellbeing? How do we use stress to our advantage and avoid the stresses that diminish our capacity? Maybe there habits in handling stress that could be used to combat if not cure diabetes. What do you think?

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