Type II Diabetes

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I have been DX: type II diabetes January 2005. I to have been under control with my sugars. I have taken cimamon since I started with medications. I taken Mediform xr once a day with Lantus daily. Was taking Acto and was taken off because of causing bladder cancer. My blood sugars have been up to 120-157.
I started taking Cimamon tablets three times a day and my sugar has came back down. AIc is 6.0 . Doctor told me to adjust my insulin up to control the blood sugars. No No No was my answer. Was started on 25 units 6 years ago and haven't lost a pound since. Have dropped my insulin to 15 units a day and I'm going to keep it that way. I guess what I'm telling you is you can control your own life with out any danger. I want feed back on all the problems you I having with weight.

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