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For those who use CPAP and BiPap…What CPAP machine do you have? Which mask do you use? Where do you buy your supplies?

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taz2020 2008-11-15 06:46:36 -0600 Report

My cpap machine is by Fisher and Paykel and my mask is be ResMed. I tryed other masks as well and found the full face mask best for me because I'm a mouth sleeper. The cpap machine is a really good quality unit, heavy and sturdy, not like other ones I've seen. Some of them are light weight plastic, they work the same way but I haven't had to replace it in 3-4 years. I don't know how I was so lucky to get this one, it's a little more expensive than others. I get a new face mask every 3 months and filters and tubing every month or two. I think my supplies are now coming from US medical supplies. The companies just changed recently. I would like to see the head gear improve as it leaves indentations on your face for awhile if you put the straps on tight enough to prevent air leaks. My doctor says some airleaks are fine and you shouldn't have facial marks if you lossen the straps somewhat. But I don't like the airleaks blowing in my face. You have to decide what's best for you.

Petrea 2008-11-15 00:47:10 -0600 Report

My CPAP is made by Resmed with a humidifier set at 20 My mask that I am using right now is a full face mask called Mirage Quattro. I have had several other types over the years however this one seems to have less leaks and I like it the best. I think they still need to improve on the headgear though. I get my supplies through Apria which has an office here in town. I have used Lincare & both of my parents are on CPAPs and go through Lincare.

2008-11-14 21:10:38 -0600 Report

I have a CPAP by Resmed with a humidfier. I have the nasal pillows mask and I get my supplies from a local DME store. DME is Durable Medical Equipment for those that don't know. Fortunately, I have insurance that bought the machine for me and I get supplies every 6 months, new mask and hoses etc… The insurance better pay good, I work for them LOL