An Exercise In Nutrition (*) A neat little trick!

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Hmmm…this is pretty interesting!

"An exercise I often do with clients is to have them set their watch or an alarm clock to go off every three hours.When it rings, they have to eat.It might just be a light snack of ten raw almonds, but they have to put something in their mouth.Obviously, this keeps them from being hungry, and it stops them from overeating.It's an exercise in consistency, satiety, and good habits. Try it! You'll love never being hungry. You'll love the energy. And you'll really love the fact that you'll lose weight."

(*) Gregory Joujon-Roche, Author of the book," One Body, One Life"


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Gwen214 2013-02-09 15:03:09 -0600 Report

I use to eat every 3 to 4 hours, I was the best of health then. I really need to get back to that, but I don't get as hungry anymore. Loss of appetite and now I'm on a very strict diet. But this system does work

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-04-11 22:19:08 -0500 Report

That is good advice. That is basically the same as breaking your three main meals that are usually large, up into six meals throughout the day. That way you eat less at a sitting, but you are eating something a few hours apart so as not to become ravenous. (did I spell that right)? This is what I try to do, but I don't always have an appetite and have to fight to force a few bites down.

It is hard to loose weight, but by not eating and then over indulging when one does, will make it even harder. This is awsome for people who want to try and loose weight, while keeping their bg under better control. Don't forget the exercise as well. Just try something to get moving:)

Thanks for the post.

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