Yea! Finally

By 2catty Latest Reply 2008-11-15 15:56:02 -0600
Started 2008-11-14 11:29:05 -0600

For 3 days now my morning blood sugars have been excellant. 93-107-135 all good. This has been a 10 year struggle. I feel great. I hope it stays this way. Wish me luck.

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2catty 2008-11-15 15:56:02 -0600 Report

Thanks everyone. I feel so encouraged now. I am going to keep this up, I know I can now.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2008-11-14 13:11:29 -0600 Report

Nice job. Lantus is great stuff. And keep up on the exercise. I have no doubt as you keep at it, your endurance will increase and then who knows how good your numbers could be :-)

anitamusser 2008-11-14 12:19:37 -0600 Report

Keep up the good work!!! I am very proud of you and hope your bs continues to be good. Keep doing what you are doing.

Goddess 2008-11-14 11:44:49 -0600 Report

How did you ever do it??????????????

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