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This is my life lesson today for myself, not meant towards or about anyone in any way, shape or form. Yet if you can benefit from it, that is good.

A grandmother and her granddaughter are talking. "Grandma, when we are young you teach us right?" "yes my sweet one." says Grandma. "What happens when the ones teaching us dont do it the right way?" asks the granddaughter. The grandmother thinks this over for a while and replies," Granddaughter sometimes we elders forget what it means to struggle, with the world changing, we didn't have the same struggles as others you see, so we do what we know from what we learned, yet we can still learn." Granddaughter asks, "Grandma, what if they don't want to learn, what do we do?" Grandmother says," We love them anyway, forgive them and do our best to deal with our struggles asking for Creator's wisdom, patience and unlimited love."
"Well, Grandma, how can we forgive if it hurts like our heart was ripped out of our bodies?" Grandmother says, " That is where Creator makes it better. Trust in Him for he will show us the way." Granddaughter says, " Thank you Grandma, for I want to be just like you when I grow up." Grandmother says, "That is all I can hope for my sweet one."

Lesson I learned is that no one way is right, neither is the answers. Do the best you can, be glad you can, move on, all the while remembering your lesson. That is why Creator has sent those loved ones to help you along the way on your journey.

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Young1s 2012-04-03 07:40:27 -0500 Report

When talking to my children about different things they are going through, I always try to remember what I felt like and where my mindset was at their ages, so I can try to relate to their feelings at the moment. But with the changing of time comes the differences in life lessons. The world is a totally different from when I grew up, compared to the way it is for my children. It's not the easiest thing to explain to them sometimes because all they see is what's in front of them at the moment.

It's my wish to keep them from making the same mistakes that I made in life, but I can't hold their hands forever or try to shelter them from the big bad world. So in the end, I have to trust in the fact that my husband and I have given them the tools they'll need to go out and make informed decisions and/or the right choices. And when they make mistakes, stumble & fall or go astray, my prayer is that they are strong/smart enough to learn from the experience, get back up and dust themselves off and try again. But know that we're always going to be here whenever things get too hard to handle on their own.