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Hey everyone, My name is John. I'm just new to this website. I was reffered here by a friend, in Dire need of help. I havent been able to get any form of insurance at all.
I used to get all my diabetic supplies on a web page on facebook. it was a page for people to give/trade diabetic supplies for people who needed the help, the web page just got shut down for whatever reason.
anyways, im here asking if there is anyone, at all who might have some spare novolog, lantus, or syringes? im in super DESPERATE need. im down to one novolog pen, about half full. I've been looking all over for free alternative methods, but I'm so stumped.
If there is ANYONE out there that could help send anything. pleeeease send me an email. I'm really sorry to join up and immediately beg for help, but I really dont know where else to turn.

Hoping to hear from anyone :D :D
thank you all so so much for your time.

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red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-04-08 00:52:43 -0500 Report

Try going to your local hospital. They usually have a free clinic or program to help you. The ER has to see you even when you don't have insurance or can't pay. When you get the bill Talk to the billing dept and they will most likely wave the charges. Also when there, be sure to ask for a list of places to help with your meds. You can also call the hospital and ask them these questions.

Harlen 2012-04-03 13:15:40 -0500 Report

You need to go down to your states DHS and they will help you are stear you to the right place .
Best wishes