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I've been to the doctor for my six month checkup and I found that the doctor thinks my glucose and A1C levels are getting better and I've lost 4 pounds since then. I know it's not a lot but for me it is; especially since I haven't been as physically active as I should be.

She gave me some great motivation. She says if I keep making positive changes and my checkups keep going in the direction they're going, I may be able to eliminate the Janumet tablet I'm taking altogether. Now she didn't say it was definite, but she did say that it's a possibiliy.

I'm starting to monitor my glucose and how it fluctuates depending on the foods I'm eating. I've incorporated lots of vegetables and fruits into my diet and I know that's making a difference.

I want to try incorporating the Mediterranean Diet into my lifestyle. Have any of you adopted that diet or tried it before? Would you recommend it?

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-04-02 14:38:50 -0500 Report

Great job shnell. I won't do the Mediterranean Diet because of my allergies to nuts and fruits with pits. I am also not a fan of fish soooo to that end, I try to eat healthier foods and not follow a diet plan. I like losing weight without thinking I am dieting. Keeps me happy. LOL but I have seen conversations about the Mediterranean Diet. It isn't for me but it might be wonderful for you.

shnell25 2012-04-05 10:42:34 -0500 Report

Joyce, I understand what you mean about not being a fan of fish. I am not a huge fan of whiting fish and it takes me a while to find fish that I do like and can stand the taste of; especially when I'm trying to eat more baked and sauteed fish.

I don't have any allergies to fruits or nuts; but I find it difficult to find nuts that I do like and would want to eat on a regular basis. The only ones that I find I can tolerate are almonds and peanuts and sometimes cashews.

It will be a transition for me, but I'm going to try to incorporate some of these foods into my meals. I don't like "dieting" either; so I try not to call whatever meal plan I use a "diet". It's a mental thing for me, I know, but just saying diet makes me think of major food restrictions and nothing TEMPTS me more than having something I love being added to the "restricted" list.

Young1s 2012-04-02 14:23:33 -0500 Report

Way to go Shnell and welcome back. Haven't seen you for a while. Go to the discussions and type in Mediterranean Diet. There have been a couple of recent discussions about it. Plus there are others that are not so recent.

shnell25 2012-04-05 10:36:33 -0500 Report

Thanks for the tip. I've gone and read some of the discussions and they have given me so great information and ideas for my diet plan.

jayabee52 2012-04-02 13:43:20 -0500 Report

WAY TO GO Shnell! Your efforts are paying off! Keep on with the good work!

shnell25 2012-04-05 10:38:01 -0500 Report

Thank you!! I've been incorporating some of the ideas and tips you've given me and they are starting to pay off.

Next week my son and I are going to start running again. His endurance is better than mine so we're going to start off jogging first and then within a week or two, I should be able to find my stride again and turn that jog into a run.