Did You Know That...Human Fat Cells?

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Many people have a misconception that fat cells can be formed at any stage of life.

But, it is not so.

They are formed inside the growing fetus during the third trimester of pregnancy.

The fat in newborn babies is stored in the form of brown fat used in thermogenesis i.e., generating heat while in adults only white fat is active.

The number of fat cells remain constant throughout life only the amount of fat stored in it varies.

Fat tissue malfunctions in obese people!

Obese people tend to consume too many calories regularly which makes fat cells overgrow to store them.

There is cellular stress on the tissue for increased metabolism. This can lead to low oxygen supply to the tissue causing the death of individual cells. The fat tissue most importantly fails to communicate with other tissues which doesn’t happen in a healthy person.

This leads to the common diseases like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Since fat tissue works in connection with other tissues in the body, and performs an important task of energy production, proper functioning of fat cells inside the fat tissue becomes very important.



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I didn't know my fat was so interesting! This is good stuff to know.