Victoza update & doc call

By Armourer Latest Reply 2012-04-08 11:21:46 -0500
Started 2012-03-30 03:12:09 -0500

Just got a call from the Doc office today with my blood work: A!C the same as last time 7.4, BP 110/60, choles. 137 (want this lower), but he noticed that my kidneys aren't doing well. Great.

Been 2 months since last diet-soda. The Victoza I'm taking has been a month, am injecting 1.2. Haven't noticed at all if I'm losing weight until yesterday, and I've lost 10 pounds in a month. It would probably more if I could exercise. So far no side-effects.

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Armourer 2012-04-04 23:39:01 -0500 Report

Update on the weight loss: In the last week I've lost 5 pounds, so in five weeks it has been 15 pounds!

GabbyPA 2012-03-31 11:50:44 -0500 Report

Your numbers sound good and so you think the Victoza is helping then. That is always good to hear about some of the new drugs out there.

Steve1188 2012-04-03 05:33:43 -0500 Report

I've taken Victoza for about three years and it does help lower your sugar weight go down.

Armourer 2012-03-31 21:58:57 -0500 Report

Thanks Gabby, right now I'm all for the Victoza except it is really expensive. Right now I'm on samples (cost is about $4-500 a month), but in a month when the second flexpen is exhausted my doc needs to contact the insurance company and talk them into okaying it. So who knows what the cost will be, or if I continue.

jayabee52 2012-03-30 11:28:25 -0500 Report

That is great news Armourer, except the news about your kidneys!

10 lbs lost is most certainly a good start!

Glad you have no side effects!

Blessings to you and yours


GabbyPA 2012-03-31 11:50:09 -0500 Report

James, maybe you can help. When we are loosing weight, isn't there protein in our urine as the body gets rid of fat? Would that be part of the problem or is it really just kidney issues? I have always been confused on that. Is there a way to tell the difference?

jayabee52 2012-04-01 02:48:19 -0500 Report

protein in the urine is often the sign of either eating too much protein, or kidney dysfunction. The getting rid of fat causes ketones in one's blood. I tried to find out what connection ketones had to protein but there is none. Ketones are chemically "beta-hydroxybutyric acid, acetoacetic acid, and acetone" and are the end-product of rapid or excessive fatty acid breakdown. Therefore are not proteins. Protein in the urine can result from many reasons See this article here ~ and this one here ~

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