I feel like I am a burden.

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I have no choice in this. I did not ask to be a diabetic. Sometimes when you look at me I see something in your eyes that makes me twinge with guilt. I am so sorry that I need help all the time. I am so sorry that I cant work right now. I am sorry that I cant contribute. I wish I could go right now and get a job and not get fired due to my diabetes. I wish I could snap my fingures and lesson your load of worries. I am scared your getting tired of dealing with my diabetes. I am scared you are getting tired of my lows and having to save me again and again. I am scared you are getting tired of me. I want so badly to get control but control is always out of reach. My BG drops over and over again. Doctor says give it time. Doctor says control will come with time. Time… This is not working well. I constantly feel like I am a burden. I constantly feel like you dont deserve this. Honestly… I feel like I am a low down piece of &%#@ for putting you thrue this. The bad news is, I am always going to be a diabetic. There is no quike fix. This is what I am. I am a diabetic! When and how do I be a women, a productive member of sociaty, a lover, a freind, a horse women and a diabetic. I think I am over reacting but… am I? I am confused and scared. I need to work. We need the money, but … HOW?

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tabby9146 2012-04-04 10:02:12 -0500 Report

I am so sorry, my heart goes out to you. it really is not a death sentence. Please talk to your doctor about being depressed. honestly, with time and much effort, BS numbers can get much better and you will feel much better. Welcome to Diabetic Connect. You will get much support and encouragement here.

draco59 2012-04-03 11:05:22 -0500 Report

Hi Debra,
I never asked for it, but know it was coming (family history), being a diabetic is not a death sentence, you can lead a normal (what is normal? For later) life. You just have to adjust and learn to live with it. I have a co-worker who’s be a type 1 for over 30 yrs., is on and insulin pump and his going on an African Safari this summer. Once you accept it, and proper education of your family and their support, everything will fall in to place. It just takes time…….
Good luck and that’s what this community is here for…………….
YOUR NOT A BURDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

cindygal1 2012-04-01 01:18:33 -0500 Report

I read your post and feel sorry for you, diabetes is not a death sentence and it is only a disease that you have to learn to deal with an accept. Talk to your doctor's about your dispression, tell them how you are feeling they can help you, and there might be a medicine that can help. In time you will learn to manage your diabetes and get it under control, having diabetes takes time to get it under control, but it has never stopped anyone from working and contributing to society, talk to your husband and discuss with him how you are feeling, we all go through this and learn to get over it, it takes time to accept the fact that you have it and to learn how to deal with it. No there is no quick fix to it, it takes time to work with it and to get it under control, there are times when we all scare and confused and ask why we have it, it is God's will that we have it, and ask him to give you the strength that you need to deall with. I am sure that your family loves you as much now as before. That they are glad that you are still there to be with them. Good luck and I would like to be your friend, write when you can and stay with DC to learn as much as you can, we are all in the same boat and will try and give you advise and be here whenever you need someone to talk. Good luck and I will add you to my Pray list..

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2012-03-31 22:12:57 -0500 Report


I read your heatfelt post and couldn't help but feel sad that you are feeling so low right now, and that you are a burden to others. I am glad that you are here, that you are reaching out for support, and that you don't hold yourself back from letting us know what's really on your mind and in your heart. As you can see from the other responses you have received, you are not alone.

I am not qualified to give you medical advice, but I hope that you are working closely with your doctor to keep your diabetes under control and that you can take the advice that he/she has given you to be patient. It just sounds that you are being so hard on yourself for having those ups and downs. Is there another way to look at this situation? Maybe to review the progress you have made in understanding your condition and how to manage it? To give yourself some credit for what you have accomplished so far, and for doing the best you can, step by step? I am sorry to see you giving yourself such a rough time when only so much of this in under your control.

As for feeling like a burden, this is something that I think a lot of people with chronic conditions feel like. Are you hearing this from your family members, from your husband? I suspect that the people in your life love you for who you are, and are glad that you are in their lives.

You said it well near the end of your post. There are a lot of different qualities and roles that make up the person that you are. You are a multi-faceted human being. And you don't have diabetes tatooed on your forehead. I know your condition presents a lot of challenges, but you are still the person that you were before you were diagnosed. It might help to make a list of your strengths, and your talents. As Gabby and others suggested, opportunities start to pop up when we start from an awareness of what we bring to the table.

Support is so important when you are facing a chronic condition. I hope that you are getting a lot of support from your family and friends. You have a lot of friends right here.


sadi23 2012-04-01 21:34:05 -0500 Report

James i love hearing you speak so lovingly of your Jem and enjoying caring for her needs, it helps us that do not have that kind of loving support or caring. It also helps, when they do say they want to care for us, we are more likely to believe them, when we feel like such a burden, due to our on going, lowing levels of the abilities, we once had. I make the mistake of having "Stinking Thinking" when I look at myself & think…what is lovable, sexy, fun, out going and just being a women, about me??? I was 5'11 curvy, (lg Boo Boo's) long blond hair, thin but not to thin, out going, very busy, hard worker, non-stop, always helpping others, loved that, doing great things with my children, & my man, many years ago. i am now 52 over weight, can't drive, need daily assistance, don't go any where but medical stuff, look 15 or more years older then I am. i have been stated, "your son works on cars?" not my son, my man & he is 3 years older than I am. So i get those times, where I just wonder, if he is here cus it would look bad if he wasn't, its the thing to do…He has made me feel that way at times, I know its ruff being a man, partner & having to do more than what he feels is his share. In our tweenties, he got hooked on Coke I stood by him, throught jail, got him in treatment, took care of him for 15 years, through it all, he didn't work, I even paid for day care when he was home all day, or some where. I made good money & took care of him, my two children & his two children, did all the house & yard work, I liked mowing, i drove the truck to get beauty bark, rocks for the yard, I am not a nag, I do what ever is needed & if he didn't do it, I just did, didn't think much about it. He worked & ran a Auto repair shop, but I had a standing oil & tune up appt. every 3500 T miles, cus he would never get to it… Sorry I needed to vent for a momment. I was a abused child & neglected, so i didn't realize what he should of been providing to our relationship, I didn't mind doing everything.. I didn't realize until I became far more ill. as I paid for a personal assistant etc, so I just didn't see what I should of. He is there when people are around, and keeps things up, where others will see, say's al the right thing to other, about me, or how he loves to clean (NOT) hides the dust bunnies, under the rug…which is fine, for a while, but then it get to be to messy or I have to have someone come in and clean. He tells others, how I took care of him for 15 years, so he is returning the favor. I think I might expect more, because i have been a care giver of many types within my career & loved every minute of it. So i think I feel everyone should love caring for others, even more, when its someone you love. I know & do really understand, thats my negitive thinking…But it can be hard…Hearing how much you love her & enjoyed caring for your love, gives the other side, a thought that we may be ver wrong & need to think positive, insuring he knows how much I am thankful for every thing he does for me. That I am greatful to have a man like him, as so many leave when they have a partner that becomes chroniclly ill & needs so much daily care. I want him not to feel as if i expect it, & I think he is some kind of paid staff or some thing, I also try to cover as much as i can, with paid help, so he doesn't have to always be here, & has no life, cus of me… I guess i still need some work in these areas & to think more possitive, believe in him a bit more…I am a work in progress…keep the great posts coming, we all learn so much from the rest of us, here.. I am sorry i am a bit of a downer today..But you have really made me feel better, it may not sound like it, but you have…Thank you all for being here for us (Me) at times we need a pick me up, or advice on meds, treatments, living with a chronic illness. i haven't had D very long, I started on the Lupus, then COPD, Osty, & now Diabetes. You guys are the most connected, everyone talks daily & gets right back to you, the Lupus site, a month can go by, where no one has written, or replies to me, but just latley, I made a new friend, that we have talked, everyday sence we became friends, & she is on this site as well…well talk soon…God Bless you all & thanks bunches…love Teri

jayabee52 2012-04-02 11:34:39 -0500 Report

I thank you for your heartfelt posting. I loved helping Jem because she needed someone to help her and also because my first wife (she divorced me — if she hadn't I'd probably still be with her —) didn't seem to appreciate all that I did for her and our little family. It wasn't until after I had been divorced from her for a little while that I really began to understand how ungrateful and emotionally abusive she had become.

Jem was so appreciative when I did something for her, it made me want to do more for her.

Set apart
Set apart 2012-03-31 08:04:20 -0500 Report

Oh I do feel your pain! I want to choose the right words to let you know as PEOPLE with D we may have to live different than other, in fact we do! Do you know how this happens? We live life most of the time by making the right choices! What we eat, if we exercise, how much water we drink, thus all depends on US! We are the choice makers with thus disease! As far as your lows, I do experience them as a T1, but what I've learned is as a T2 if you continue to experience lows, it could be yourmeds. Also make sure you include protein with your meals and snacks, read DC discussions on foods! My only other words to hopefully encourage you is to stay positive, smile, learn to love yourself again, you are the same person, and everyone around you knows that! I have constant, ongoing hobbies at home, quilting, painting, reading, and visiting DC! Talk to your Dr. Again, I had to kind of get aggressive with a new D educator at my endos yesterday, but she finally listened! This is about me, YOU, this trial and error sometimes needs to be addressed, not within their time, in our time, when I need help I SCREAM! Maybe if you set goals to make yourself feel better, then you'll have the energy to find a new job! D is not only physical it is also emotional and we need to learn to not let it get to us! Good luck!

alanab 2012-03-30 10:07:43 -0500 Report

I feel your pain, and have been in that same sort of mindset lately. It really helps to read the responses of people here. It's a reminder to be positive and that there are better things in store for you. Keep your chin up. There is a great support system here—great people. Lean on them, and your husband, when you need to. Stress is horrible for anyone, but diabetics in particular. Focus on the fact that you have a loving family, That is precious, and it will keep you strong until you start to get things under control.

Nick1962 2012-03-29 16:21:48 -0500 Report

I’m not good at the warm fuzzy stuff, the others here have thankfully covered that quite well for me (thanks guys). I can tell you that the day will come when your T2 will be nothing but a minor inconvenience in your day (if at all), and people who don’t already know you’re diabetic will be surprised when they find out.
You already know you have a lot of talents to draw from, seems like you’re just having a hard time deciding which to pick. Don’t let the little thing like being a T2 influence that, because it really is just a little thing in the big picture. Kind of like having to wear glasses. Sure you have to clean them, and make sure you don’t sit on them, or lose them, but you’re kind of used to that now right?

MrsCDogg 2012-03-29 13:16:30 -0500 Report

I feel for you my dear friend. As a diabetic we are more prone to depression that a lot of other folks. I have to make a conscious decision every day to roll myself out of bed and put one foot in front of the other one. I choose to do that because I have people who love me and who would have broken hearts if I weren't here any more. I also choose to do that because I feel like The Great Spirit still has something for me to do here on Earth. I don't know what that is yet but I think I'm going to stick around and try to find out.
Pray, meditate, call someone on the phone, come back to Diabetic Connect. But do not give up on yourself! You are worthwhile. You were a good idea. You were put here on this Earth for a reason. See your doctor, tell him/her how you are feeling. Maybe he/she can prescribe you something or even direct you toward some local support group. There are lots of ways to help yourself. Please keep coming back to DC there are lots of good folks here who will support you in every way they can.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-03-29 13:04:37 -0500 Report

hi dhopfer, please stop focusing on what you can't do and focus on what you can do. Don't let your diabetes dictate to you what you can or cannot do. You will get it under control in time.

I make jewelry and would love to be able to do that without an outside job. You like horses. Have you considered writing a children's book about a horse? If you love to cook, there are software programs where you can put it together have it published or self publish and sell them. Contact you local colleges and type term papers for students for a fee. These days people are turning hobbies or things they like to do into a business.

Just because you are diabetic doesn't mean you are not a contributor to society, less of a human or less of a woman. Diabetes can be bad news but it doesn't have to be a bad problem and it certainly is not a death sentence once you give yourself the time to get it under control. The hardest part is getting over the fact that you have it and getting it under control. It will get better.

CaliKo 2012-03-29 11:31:20 -0500 Report

I love quilts! That's a wonderful talent, in addition to others you've mentioned. You are going through an adjustment right now, but Jeanae and everyone else is right, marriage is give and take, sickness and health. You will find your way through this.

Jeanae 2012-03-29 09:37:16 -0500 Report

I feel your pain. There are times in life when we can not be an "equal" partner. There have probably been times in the past when you had to carry more than your share of the burden. Marriage is not about equality. For now, you need to rely on him. Who knows when there will be a time when the roles are reversed. Will you tire of caring for him? No. Because you love him. Just as he will not tire of caring for you because he loves you. I love all the suggestions Gabby gave you. I love your response to her. It is time to think outside the box and embark on your new journey. Some one once told me that there are times when you look at your life and say "this is not the script I would have written for my life." However in time, maybe the next chapter even you will say "I can't believe how wonderful things turned out. I am glad I was not in charge of the script." You sound VERY talented. Remind yourself of all that you can do. Remind yourself that while you may not be able to contibute monetarily right now, you can more than make up for it by loving him so completely you will take his breath away (and I don't mean sex) but just showing him and telling him in new ways. When money is tight you will be surprised at what little you actually need to get by. You will also look at things with new and fresh eyes. You will appreciate what you have. You will learn what you really need and don't. Your life will become more centered, focused, and better. Sending hugs, prayers, and good wishes to you. btw- I am so jealous that you can do upholstery! I want to take a class! Keep me posted on your new life ventures! You can do this! I believe in you!

dhopfer 2012-03-29 09:57:49 -0500 Report

Thank you Jeanae, It is hard. I have always been the caregiver, the bread winner, the rock of support!! Hubby always worked to and we did ok but now… Its a struggle. Hubby (Hank) loves me. If I ever had any dought I sure dont know. He is a fantastic man and my best friend. He is not the problem but my self dought and insecurity is. I have to trust him more and listen to my heart and not my head. In my head I am not worth it but its not true!! I am a child of god. I am a wife, a freind,a lover, and having diabetes does not change any of that it just at times makes it a challenge. This is just another opportunity for growth. Its not the end. The depression is somthing I have never really had to deal with before. I mean I have been sick before. I have had cancer and have had a few surgeries but all those things were tempary. This diabetes thing aint goin away. We can do this. I can do this!!

You should take a class!!! Go for it!!!! I have a sewing machine and a surger and hubby made me a sewing room. I have plenty of supplies so its not like I gotta go get anything. If I need material the person I am makin for can go get the matieral they like and I make what they need minus coast of supplies. Were is the spell check!! Spell check is not workin so please excuse!! Hugs Yall!!!!

GabbyPA 2012-03-29 08:34:38 -0500 Report

Finding a niche is a journey. I have tried a lot of things, and while my limits are not put on my diabetes, there are things that a 9-5 cannot do for me. I found a way to work for myself. I have a few different venues, but all added up they help. I need more too, but I have to remain flexible so I am able to take care of my husband.

You love horses, have you tried to do something along a consultation in that area? You are a diabetic, maybe try to work in a capacity that will allow you to tap into that knowledge? Do you like to make things? Perhaps you can find a place to sell diabetic recipes or make a cook book to sell? Those things can take time, but once you are on a mission, it will make you feel productive. Even if you have to volunteer at first to get your feet wet. That can lead to all kinds of opportunities.

Don't focus on what you can't do, but on what you can. That will open all kinds of doors.

dhopfer 2012-03-29 09:20:04 -0500 Report

Thank you. Hubby and I were talking this morning. I dont know why I did not think of this before. I used to be in Insurance. Used to be very good at it all though I was working for someone else. My mission is to become an agent and open my own office then I can hire a full staff, take care of myself and be able to address issues while earning money from my book of business. That is the plan. Now to put it into action. It is not a quick fix by any means but it beats sitting here feeling sorry for myself. It is a long process and will take a lot of work but I beleive it will be worth it. If I get my state lisence and open an office, hubby wants to partner up and he do the leg work while I stay in the background enabling me to take care of my diabetes. In the mean time, I am going to take some of your suggestions about a cook book. I also sew very well and could take in some sewing to make ends meet. I can sew at home. I can even quilt. I can make suits, dresses, slip covers. I have even been known to appolsrty in a pinch. I cant spell so please excuse. What do you think??

Thank yall, all of yall… for your support. I have not been in a good place these last few days and was having some bad thoughts. This place rocks!!!! There is no other place for "US" that helps and supports like yall do.

This does not mean there wont be hard times. Nor does it mean that I wont get deppressed. What it does mean is I have "HOPE" again. God bless.

GabbyPA 2012-03-30 12:46:46 -0500 Report

I think you have found some places to explore. That is great and I can hear the hope back in your words. Sometimes we just need to see it in writing to realize that the answer is right there in front of us. You go! Don't give up, even in the bumpy parts. It is all a life lesson so dig in!

jigsaw 2012-03-29 18:22:55 -0500 Report

Sounds like a good and very productive idea! It will definiterly take up much of your time, I agree. I was a sales manager and licensed with series 6, life, health, and auto. Did it for quite a few years. I wish you and your husband the best of luck!

jayabee52 2012-03-29 13:14:27 -0500 Report

I am glad you're feeling better and that you are determined to move forward in your life. This is a "magical" place in that it has helped SOOOOO many folks in so many ways.

annesmith 2012-03-29 01:57:21 -0500 Report

Thank you for sharing that, even though I am sorry that you are going through so much with it ( diabetes). There have been some days when I get so darned tired of similar things..but, on a note of good humor, I have a strong tendency to think " Hey, if you don't like the fact that I am diabetic, then, too bad..that's your problem then, not mine." Ha..yep, if someone says to me " You got diabetes on purpose" , or " Oh, you are just looking for sympathy all the time", I make sure they can see I won't take it, or I distance myself from them quickly. You said your blood sugar keeps dropping low…that would be rough no doubt. Are you on pills or insulin, or both, or diet control? Write me back!!!—ANNE

dhopfer 2012-03-29 09:28:04 -0500 Report

Thank you Annesmith. Yes I am on meds (metformin and januvia) but I have that "brittle diabetes" thing. Very hard to control and an all around pain in the back side. I drop often, spike high occasionaly, and feel exausted from the lows always. Hubby is completly supportive and takes up for me when someones shows there @#&. I just feel so guilty. But we have a plan in place. I have "hope". Sometimes, having hope is half the battle.

annesmith 2012-03-31 01:14:08 -0500 Report

Yeah, I am a brittle diabetic , too. It is a real pain, no doubt. I know the numbers from us being brittle can eventually be smoothed out, thank God. I have been focusing more on running more ( I love to walk and run) and eating more salads. For protein in the salads, sliced eggs work really good for me..they help taper off my erratic numbers. I will keep praying for you, and hang in there!!!!!!!!—sincerely, ANNE

Somoca 2012-03-29 01:39:38 -0500 Report

Lord have mercy. I think we all need a hug in this discussion. Sending out love and a prayer each and everyone of you. xoxoxo

mysteria7130 2012-03-31 16:28:04 -0500 Report

you are never a burden. If you believe in God, then you know to lay your worries at HIS feet. HE is there to give you strength and we are here to give you support. My daughter just got diagnosed with pre- diabetes. She is scared too. I got diagnosed with type 2 a little while ago. But since I have already had many medical problems they think I had type 2 for quite a while. Just take it one day at a time. We are here for you always. But most of all GOD is with you and HE loves you and all of us.

Bamberg 2012-03-29 00:44:06 -0500 Report

Doing for someone you love is not tiresome. As my wife's condition worsened and she had to be fed she asked me one day when would I tire of doing for her. I told her the truth. I said never. I wish I were still doing it. Don't doubt those who love you.

KarynCandy29 2012-03-28 23:24:28 -0500 Report

Sorry just seeing your post now read what others said to you..
I have often felt the same way you are..Have you sat down and talked with your other half about your feelings ? I hope your are feeling somewhat better today..Take care Karyn

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-03-28 22:38:51 -0500 Report

It all starts with how you see yourself and accept the diabetes. If you have good self esteem and follow drs orders, then you are doing your part. Is it easy, no, but then what really is. I didn't ask for this as a kid and I didn't ask for help. But you know what, I got it anyway to both. My family/friends helps because the want to not because they have to. Actually, not letting them help, causes them to be upset.

I learned early on not to feel bad if there is a hiccup in my daily life.

2manypricks 2012-03-28 19:52:15 -0500 Report

Give your worries the man upstairs. Having Diabetes is frustrating I know this. But if you continue to feel the way you are you are only going to affect your sugars. There is a reason for everything that happens. We may not know but there is. I've had a long haul with this I've now had it for 5 yrs and its not easy. So my friend lift the worries to the Lord and never worry again and believe in your heart that he is working on it. Im here if you need to vent ((((tight hugg))) God bless and you are not alone<3

jayabee52 2012-03-28 18:31:40 -0500 Report

I take this as a letter to someone whom you love, am I correct? These feelings are NOT unusual for someone who has a disability (of any kind). When I was stricken with Kidney shutdown, I was feeling like that too, but I had no one since my wife of 25 yrs had divorced me and married another about 5 yrs earlier. I thought the best thing for me would be to stop the dialysis treatments, let my blood fill up with the poison my kidneys would not remove, and eventually die.

I chose not to do that since I didn't want to give my 3 sons the wrong example on giving up when things were tough. My situation changed dramatically within a year of being stricken with the Kidney shutdown and everything that had been taken away was restored and were better than before. I got medicare, and Soc Sec. disability. I was told I could live life again without dialysis, and I met a fantastic lady online who I call "my bride, 'Jem'" and we fell in love and married. She had feelings like what you express in your original posting, but I loved her and loved caring for her. She was blind and needed a lot of care! But I loved her and there was no feeling of her being less than worthless because of her many "medical challenges" She was quite a worthwhile person IMO and her several friends thought so too!

You may not have the level of income that you want "we need the money" but I have found in my 60 yrs of life somehow I've made it through some really lean and tough times. Just trust God for your ultimate support, and He will see you through your toughest times.

Blessings to you and yours!

James Baker

Caroltoo 2012-03-28 18:47:43 -0500 Report

My dear husband expressed something similar recently too so I explained he was still earning an income from social security and his retirement pension. It relieved him to realize he could contribute while sentenced to live the rest of his life in the increasing shadows of Alzheimer's.

MAYS 2012-03-28 13:25:05 -0500 Report

Are you perfect?
If you are a human being, then the answer to that question is simply, no.

Things could be worse, you could have been diagnosed with something else.
You could wander around aimlessly, but you are not, you know what you must do, and your doctor is correct in saying that your control of your blood sugar will get better with time, meanwhile just think of it as practice, practice makes perfect!

Here is something, or rather someone that should inspire you:


To me, diabetes is diabetes, whether it is Type 1, or Type 2, you must manage it daily or it will destroy you, faster in a Type 1, but destruction nonetheless!

It's fine to vent, to be angry and emotional, it's all due to the changes that are occurring within your body, there is no "quick fix" for any of this, just a long term, lifelong commitment towards taking care of yourself the best way that you can.

I will hold your hand if necessary, but expect me to let it go at some point and watch you take your first steps!
You can do it, you can do this, you will do this, right now you are just under a great deal of stress because you want to do better, but take your time, stop stressing yourself, the added stress is causing your liver to release more, and more glucuse into your blood stream to help your body deal with the stress!
(Are you noticing the continuos pattern of "diabetes self destruction" here?)

So let's try this together, once again, falling off of a horse is only bad for you if the horse decides to run home, leaving you to walk the journey back home, alone!

Get back on that horse that we call life, hold those reigns tight and ride, ride, ride!


dhopfer 2012-03-28 14:32:46 -0500 Report

Your right… Giddy Up!!! Time to put my big girl panties on and get on with it. Thank you. Reality check received and cherished!!!

MAYS 2012-03-28 15:10:18 -0500 Report

While you are riding, if you see anyone that fell off of their horse and are stranded, can you please offer them a ride?
Just stay focused, if you need to vent, or cry, please do so just remember this, you have everything in the world to gain from managing your diabetes!
I know that you can do it, so let's get to it!

pixsidust 2012-03-28 11:35:36 -0500 Report

You are the way, the truth and the life.
In the times of Rome, the via, the way was the road
You are the way to God the father, the way to eternal life,
The Way…
Make a way for my sister now.
Her heart is saddened and she feels down
tilt her head upward that she might see you
Let her feel the light of your love and that of ours
Show her how to balance her health and work
Guide her to where to apply even if its part time & better than nothing
give her something she can be successful with.
Help her to work through times when she is sick
Provide finances so very much needed
Let her balance her meds with eating
Guide her, comfort her and shine your anointing upon her
Let her feel Your Love
and that of ours…

My Love for you is ever present. His Love is even greater.
Hand in hand together with the Maker,
my sister we can achieve and overcome…

I can not give you a thumbs up/like for my friend feeling so down
I will like it when you are better~~~~

Young1s 2012-03-28 11:32:35 -0500 Report

It can be really difficult to have to depend on others in times like this, but you have to trust in the love and care that you feel from your loved ones. My prayers are with you to help you overcome these feelings of guilt, confusion and fear, for God to make a way out of no way for you, and for you to always be feeling strong, wanted and loved.

byrun 2012-03-28 11:25:59 -0500 Report

As a friend, human being and fellow diabetic I care very much about you, as I am sure that our community also does.

dhopfer 2012-03-28 12:51:33 -0500 Report

Thank you

DoZo 2012-04-02 10:22:46 -0500 Report