Suggestions for Supplemental Insurance for Medicare under age 65 with SSDI in CA

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I have finally been approved for SSDI, after stopping my fulltime work in Oct 2009. It's been a tough road. I lost my excellent insurance in October because I lost my state disability income and couldn't pay the premiums. The LA County free healthcare clinic took me off of my insulin pump and my HbA1c is now 12.6! Medicare will allow me to go back to my private doctors next month, but I need the supplemental coverage for premiums, prescriptions, pump supplies, etc. An Anthem Blue Cross rep quoted me 850+ for prescriptions and a monthly premium over $300. With rent, food, and gas that exceeds my income. Is there anybody out there who is under age 65, has an insulin pump and CGM and has a reasonably affordable supplemental plan with Medicare? Thanks in advance! Theresa

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jayabee52 2012-03-27 02:19:36 -0500 Report

I have had Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage when I was in CA between Mar 2009 and Dec 2010 and I felt they were wonderful! I have moved away from CA because my wife passed away and I could no longer live in the mobile home in which we had lived while she was alive. So I moved back to Las Vegas NV where there are no KP facilities!

You might want to check into Kaiser Permantente.

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