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I am so sorry that I have not been on the site for to long there is realy not any real good excuse! It's that so much has been happening with me latley.
In these last couple of months I've been going to the doctors and makeing them do test on me. And one of them was done on this past Tuesday they did a stress test on me it was so bad and scary for me because this has never happen to me during a test I was doing ok in the begining the then everything went crazy. I was having a angitey atack and then my asthma kick in and my body starting hurting me all over. They gave me two sprays of nitero and a baby asprin. I did not come home to rest. I should have I had other things that I need to. I am still loseing weight and I've also trying to get my tail back to the gym wish is not easy for me I can't get myself out of a deep heavly sleep. I been having a hard time waking up and not intill 10am.
which I can't stand it feels like I've been asleep for day's and my eyes feel like a ton of bricks and it take about 10min to get them to finley open up.
But I am going to get back on the site again and hope this time longer.

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