BG reading after eating Breakfast?

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I've noticed that my BG readings 2 hours after breakfast isn't high, but IMO a bit higher then I'd like. It's still <160- anywhere from 138-141. I eat 2 servings instant unflavored oatmeal w/1/8 cup of sugarfree syrup. Will the syrup and any sugar substitute spike BG? Lunch & dinner usaully runs from 118-145 +/-.
OR am I just freaking out on numbers as my Dietician claims? She tells me that I will/would be getting spikes, I am on 500 Met taken at dinner. For the record I had some crabcakes & I spiked to 192 (even aft takeing Met), I had Chinese for lunch & 2 hrs aft the reading was 145! I'll quit rambling, Thanks!

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Oneshotbandit 2012-04-04 08:45:43 -0500 Report

Thanks everyone for your input(s). I will do some experimenting- I would rather have a poached egg & wheat toast then oatmeal anyday! :-) Take care everyone & have a Happy Easter!

troublemaker27 2012-03-23 15:38:31 -0500 Report

well i take my blood sugar medicine then i eat my breakfast i eat cereal monday through saturday.
what kind of cereal do you all eat?
i ate frosted mini wheats they are so good.
happy weekend

jayabee52 2012-03-23 16:49:53 -0500 Report

Me? I eat a kind of crustless quiche` made with chopped green peppers, minced garlic, chopped mushrooms, diced onions and black pepper.

I really don't eat grain products with any regularity, cereals included. I DID in my younger days claim to be a "cereal killer" (= a grain farmer) LoL!

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2012-03-23 02:18:33 -0500 Report

Perhaps you could add some whey powder to the oatmeal. Make sure it is one with no or very low carb. I can have cream of wheat without much of a spike when I add whey powder to it and eat some almonds for protein.With the extra protein my BG was back about to the starting level at 2 hrs. It spiked at about 1 hour.
Like Caroltoo and many others oatmeal spikes me. Plus I prefer my oatmeal as a cookie.
Did he crabcakes have much filler in them?

Caroltoo 2012-03-22 10:26:11 -0500 Report

Oatmeal without syrup spikes me to the high 100s also, so I don't eat it. We had a discusion here a few weeks ago and this is true of many who commented on it. Why don't you check it out?

Some thought on the syrup and sugar substitutes is that they tell the brain that they are sugar and the body reacts accordingly. Personally, I've not seen that kind of reaction to sugar subs, I just don't like the taste and/or the chemicals, so I don't use any. I would use a little fruit on mine, if I needed sweetness.

BobbieNJ1000 2012-03-22 09:22:04 -0500 Report

Wow, I would love to have numbers like that consistently! If your A1c is good I'd agree with your dietician. I had trouble with post breakfast spikes of over 200, and I replaced my cereal with a slice of multigrain toast and peanut butter. I have not given up my very small mocha though, and I don't use artificial sweeteners, but my numbers have improved substantially. Perhaps you just need to add a little more protein. Also, I understand that instant oatmeal is over-processed, so regular oatmeal might work better for you.

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