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We've had many discussions about the types of pain, primarily neuropathy, that many of us experience. Let's refocus in this discussion to look at the various ways that pain impacts us and how we can improve our life despite the presence of pain.

Here is a brief summary of this slide show, but for a more full description of any of these categories or to view the color photos, go to the link and see it for yourself.

9 Ways Pain Impacts your Life:
1. Pain can affect your mood: what can you do to change that?
2. Self Esteem can be lowered: do you see yourself as weak or deficient?
3. Pain can isolate you: does it hurt to much to go out? What to do?
4. Pain can hurt your marriage: your communication, intimacy, sexuality, etc
5. Pain can cause chronic fatigue: learn self care and energy boosters.
6. Pain can hurt your performance on the job: what to do.
7. Take it easy at home: pace yourself, use deep breathing to dissolve pain.
8. Manage pain with your doctor's assistance and input: it ISN'T all in your mind.
9. Take back your power: pain is part of your life, but it doesn't have to control you. Pain is part of your life, but it ISN'T your whole life. Take charge.

What strategies or techniques do you use for managing pain. We've talked a lot about medications, but what else to you do: yoga, exercises, walking, laughing, aromatherapy, mindfulness training/practice, CBT, deep breathing, visualization, or ???


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