Muscle Aches

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Im sure yu guy's have heard this over and over again but i would like to see what you guy's have to say about it. Ive been having really bad muscle aches on my shoulders legs and now my hands my doctor saids it's nuropthy and in my case it getting really bad due to my high sugar, my sugar recently have been under control but the pain is getting worst and to top it off my doctor wont give me no pain medication so i have to suck it up and take tylenol over the counter which really dont help at all. My question to you guy's is if anyone know of any natural medication or any treatment that can help me. I was taking cymbalta and lyrica and both of those meds didnt help. My pain on a sacle of 1-10 is a 99 there are days i hurt so bad it drives me nuts and when i lay down it gets even worst. so if you guys know of anything please let me know i desperate and need help bad. Thanks guys. God Bless.

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Nick1962 2012-03-19 10:22:27 -0500 Report

I know in my case a lot of pain was due to my diet, and what I thought was muscle pain was actually joint pain. Many foods cause inflammation of some sort, and once I got my weight down and diet dialed in, most pains went away. My biggest problem was sleeping – I couldn’t lie in a position for more than an hour without pain. Now I can go easily 8 hours (sure wish my bladder could though).

emt866 2012-03-17 17:35:59 -0500 Report

Thanks guy's i see im not alone your reply means a lot, im sure i will have a long discussion with my endo dr on our next appointment. My sugars were running in the 500's for a while and with the boost in my insulin the lantus/humolog 50/50 it has help alot i had my frist hypo reading a few weeks ago at work and i was soexcited it was reading at 65 bsl and even though i was about to past out i could not get over the fact that after having sugars so high for so long i could actually have a normal reading. i know it sounds crazy but at least i know that i can look forward to beating this thing. now all i have to do is deal with this pain and figure it out. im really glad i founf this site you guys are great. thanks again.

Caroltoo 2012-03-17 17:38:52 -0500 Report

Like James mentioned, I am also using Benfotiamine, Alpha Lipoic acid, and Biotin to be sure my neuropathy doesn't return. I had a really, really mild case when I first first diagnosed 10 years ago and have not had any more since.

lisalud 2012-03-17 18:17:24 -0500 Report

Interesting. James,I hope you continue with the success at keeping your pain down. I was under the impression that the nerve damage was permanent,though. I was told that once it was there,you could control it but not repair it.

jayabee52 2012-03-17 11:04:40 -0500 Report

Howdy EMT!

Sorry you are experiencing that pain. I also suffer with Diabetic Neuropathy but my pain level is currently about a 5. It had been a 7 or 8 before I started taking Alpha Lipolic Acid (ALA) (which needs Biotin to support it) and also Benfotamane (sp?). I have tried Gabapentin (aka Neurontin) and am also now on Nortryptelene capsules at night. Fortunately I have not been kept awake at nights by the pain.

After I started taking the ALA I noted the level of pain diminishing. I am praying that eventually, if my Blood Glucose (BG) levels remain in the normal range for long enough, my nerves will repair themselves. I understand that nerves are slow to repair themselves, and I must remind myself to be patient.

I pray that you do find relief for your nerve pain.


Kirla 2012-03-17 09:10:30 -0500 Report

When diagnosed my A1C was 14.1, Fasting blood sugar was 366. Don’t know how high they went because I wasn’t testing my peaks back then. I changed what and how I eat and about 6 weeks later my blood sugar was approaching normal numbers. I quit all meds at about 7 weeks and my numbers have stayed pretty good ever since.

Well after about 2-3 months my feet started to get what I call the needle sticking stabbing pains in my feet. They didn’t hurt all the time but when they did they hurt pretty bad. This lasted for several weeks or months. For a while I could hardly walk at times. I had to put 2 of the cushion things you put in your shoes for comfort.

After awhile the pain went away. The needle sticking stabbing pains went away also. Now after 3 years of fairly good blood sugar control I only have what I call the tingling numb feelings in my feet. Someday I’m hoping that it also goes away. But so far it hasn’t.

I never used anything for my feet. I just lived with it until it went away. I believe if you were diagnosed before the pain started and keep your blood sugar well controlled some people will have results like I did. When diagnosed I didn’t have nothing wrong with my feet. They felt fine, it was when I got my blood sugar under control that the pains and soreness started. High blood sugar hides a lot of the damage while it destroys the nerves in our body. Then when we learn that our blood sugar is high and when we get it under control a lot of the damage surfaces. I believe the best medicine is keeping our blood sugar as close to normal numbers as possible. Unfortunately for some people the pain will never go away. I hoping your not one of them.