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I'm so confused. I think I'm in denial. I just can't seem to get a handle on this. I need to clear my brain because stuff just isn't sinking in.
My AC1 6.1
Potassium 5.4
GFR  50.2
Fbs 122
Mono# o.7 ???
PLT 413

Type 2

I take
Atenonolo  100mg for yrs
Lipofen 150mg. New/in yr
Onglyza. New w/yr
Meteormin new, new (seems this is the med when all changed blood levels)

Lunesta, dexilant,sertraline, ipratropium nasal spray, Algery shot(2) ea mo 

I keep reading but I'm just confused.  I know this sounds dumb. But I think I need to find foods I can eat. Maybe i'm Looking for the easy way, just tell what to eat.  Period. I have to eat out four days a wk.  I just don't know. With AC 1 eat this/ w / high potassium don't eat this. With stage 3 AKD do this. ?? One day I thought I found what a could eat. Grapes & feta cheese. Yap, that was it.  That can't be all.
First appt w/kidney specialists today.

Thanks so much, for your thoughts & support. 

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