Trying to stop it before it happens!!

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I had gestational diabetes while pregnant, doctors have warned me that I might get it later in life, if I dont get my weight under control. I am looking for ways to help with that while getting around my health issues like carpal tunnel, arachnoid cyst, psoriasis, and etc. My body is rebelling against along with allergies to certain foods. What could someone do?

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dietcherry 2012-03-15 08:12:59 -0500 Report

Good question! We all are fighting some of these same battles. With D, its very important to keep our weight down to sensitize our cells to insulin. Food allergies can bring about disease in the body; I have gluten-intolerance which causes me some of the minor side effects of ingesting gluten, so I have given up wheat and other products that contain it. If you havent already, maybe see a dietician who can devise an eating plan for you to help overcome, or atleast manage, some of your conditions. Welcome to DC!!

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