Type 1 diabetes.

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Factually, my daughter who is 26 years old an MBA(Finance and Marketing) and is very active at her work. In India generally the marriages are arranged by parents, of-course with the consent of children. Thus, have been in search of a suitable match for her. During this process some proposal which were nearing to finalization did not concluded after the other side came to know that she is a Person with Diabetes and that too Type 1 injecting insulin . Perhaps they are more cautious about the transmission of the disease in the next generation.

Therefore before going ahead in matter I wanted to know, in medical terms, whether there are more chances of transmitting of the disease in the next generation. in the case :
(1) When both male and female are Type1 diabetic.
(2) When one of them is Type 1 diabetic and the other is a non-diabetic.

If any one by experience, knowledge or study has an answer then please guide.


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I sent you a link on genetic chances of diabetes, from Amarican Diabetes Assn, on your initial posting. Go there and take a look.