Type 2 Diabetic

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I was diagnosed with 2D just after Christmas of 2011. Went into the ER on January of 2012 and had a chest cold that wouldnt go away. They told me there I had a 580 blood sugar and a A1C level of 8.6!!! I was floored !!I'm 64 years old and a was eating too much ( second helpings) and munching on junk food in the evenings.( candy bars,chips, cheetos and soda ) I am presently taken Humulin 70/30 and since I was a bit over weight I started to walk more and noticed my blood sugar was going down and down over the last couple months. I was watching what I was eating and took smaller portions and snacked on good stuff in between meals to make a long story short I was able to go from 24 units on my pen down to 14 units,once I'm down to 10 units I can go on oral meds ,BUT you still have to exercise and eat healthy I will go get blood work done in 2 weeks to see what my A1C level is, since I cut back on my insulin my doc said imy A1C level will be much lower… Dont be afraid to eat !!! Most people are scared to death to put a slice of bread to their mouth. Dont eat the junk food and stay away from the fast food places…You can do it, just get up off your butt and start walking or riding a bike or do aerobics…It's not that big of a deal, just remember,once a diabetic ,always a diabetic even if you were diagnosed at first and was on some kind of medication ( insulin or oral meds )and still have it under control with no meds. Good luck !!! And just because you have diabetes it's not the end of the world. You can do it !!


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You have hit it right on the head. Eat healthy and get moving. Those two things help us so much more than we know.