Getting back on the "wagon" again

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I'm trying to get my diabetes back on track…again. I've finally admitted I am a codependent (after 23 years) and in taking a look at my life realized how I sabotaged my own health. I never stopped taking my pills or my long and short acting insulin. I only took the short acting one in the morning and never checked my blood sugar. I never really followed a diet. I pretended I was. Had bouts of blurry vision but ignored it. I told myself i was just tired. 2 weeks ago I finally had enough. No one was going t take care of me but me. i bought a new meter. Focused on a better diet for me. My levels are around 110 - 170 . I see a new family Dr. next week. I need a sturdy seat belt and should harness to help keep me on the wagon. Thanks for listening

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pixsidust 2012-03-07 18:00:34 -0600 Report

Nothing wrong with regrouping
Its a good thing!

I am a year into diabetes. I am copying a discussion I started
after a month of diagnoses.
It may give you some ideas to think about.
Welcome here!

What are your Diabetic Best Practices that help you toward success? In the evolution of watching what I eat and do, I am discovering some things, that help me be successful.

The first day after my diagnoses a month ago, my company took us all out to eat and thus my watching myself began. Here are some things that have helped me thus far.

If you are going out to eat as a group or individually, see if you can find the menu online. Read the calories, nutrition values and anything they provide that will help you make the best choices ahead of time.
Recently I went to Denny's and had food substituted at no cost to egg whites, a whole grain pancake, sugar free syrup, and low fat/sodium turkey bacon.

Keep your groceries well stocked with food you can eat. One of my first trips I made to the grocery store, I spent time reading the labels and looking carefully in each aisle as I went down them. I discovered a narrow strip of shelving top to bottom where sugar free ketchup, fat, gluten & sugar free dressing were housed in many flavors. Sugar free jam is not the same but passable. American fat free cheese does melt where fat free cheddar does not. Not all lunch meats are the same so read the labels.

Raw salt free nuts are sold separately from the rest of the nuts. I found mine near the fresh foods where you pour, bag, and label the package.
Try new vegetables and fruit. I love Granny Smith apples but was introduced to a Jazz Apple which is very crispy and sweet with a kick. Different lettuces have different nutrient levels and make for a good sandwich wrap. Remember the more colorful, a fresh item is, the more vitamins it holds. Eat raw when possible for the extra fiber.

Keep snacks that cater to all your cravings. They need to be quick and answer an immediate urge. My cravings fall into both a sweet and salty categories. For sweet I have the sugar free pudding and Jello cups. For salty I go for extra flavor of carrots dipped in garlic hummus, or broccoli florets in fat/sugar free ranch dressing. Pork rinds are also carb free but are 50% fat with high sodium. Take your snacks with you to work and when you go places. You will be prepared.

Try substitutes and go for the flavor. With fat free butter spray, I do not miss butter or margarine. Salt free Mrs Dash come in many flavors and seasoning combinations. I have found even some of the generic versions even tastier.

Experiment with recipes. I take a large lettuce leaf to roll my burrito filling in and eat it with a fork.

Involve your family to thinking about you. My son makes us stir fry and my food is taken out before the sauce is put on it. Do not have your feelings hurt if at a party there is not much you can eat. Discuss what they are having in case you need to eat ahead of time.

Walk in the sunlight as weather permits. Sunlight is good for vitamin D. We walk inside our office building, taking the stairs up and down with hall ways in between in inclement or too cold/hot weather.

Wear good shoes that give support and cushion. These do not have to say Diabetic or Orthopedic on them as there are many brands that are made well. They can be found if you Google the words comfortable shoes for brands. Most people have to try on shoes to determine fit and comfort. Once you know your fit in a brand and style, shopping on-line can be a savings, especially if you look for on-line store coupon codes to add to a website sale.

Drink lots of ice cold water. It speeds you metabolism up, warming the water and gives you much needed hydration. If you do not like water, try putting a lemon wedge in the water or use a sugar free Wylers or Crystal Light.

Connect. You made a start connecting here. I find the more people I tell that I am a newly diagnosed Diabetic, the more people let me know they are Diabetic as well.

Most of all be your own best friend. Everyday try and prepare to be your best. Celebrate the good you see. Make yourself a priority for yourself and those who love you. Be kind to yourself when you falter and realize you now have an opportunity to do even better.

Cry if you must but renew yourself with a plan and goals. Make your goals realistic and bite size. We are taking this thing step by step and day by day. Lets give ourselves a chance at success!

LadyStrixx 2012-03-07 18:41:52 -0600 Report

Thanks this is a good Idea , my main problem is well actually I have two of them but 1 is I can't exercise the normal way and it took a long time for me to find anything I could use its called chair Aerobics and I live is SC my mom Lives in NC and once a month I could and stay 2 weeks with her since my dad died and she always buys sweets, starches (lots) and the normal stuff you would eat if nothing was wrong and I've told her but its like she isn't getting it.

Caroltoo 2012-03-07 18:52:12 -0600 Report

Chair aerobics are great; you can also work with hand weights and stretchy bands.

If mom refuses to "get it" and there isn't anything there that you can eat, you might bring your own until she "gets it". Sorry, Mom, that tuna fish casserole looks just yummy, but I can't eat starches now so I brought my own chicken caesar salad. I know, it will be hard for you, too, but you, at least, know how important it is.

jayabee52 2012-03-06 19:50:30 -0600 Report

Howdy sseddog WELCOME to DiabeticConnect.

There is no need to panic, just take "baby steps" and get back on the wagon.
I pray you haven't done damage to your body and don't get complications. Believe me you don't want to get burning neuropathy.

Blessings to you and yours sseddog!

James Baker

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