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I want to know why there aren't any places that treat or even recognize the pre-diabetic? When I woke out of my coma, I had a hospital bracelet that said I was diabetic. I said, "Oh no I'm NOT going to be diabetic!" So I started to walk and avoided sugar like the plague. I still crave chocolate, but so far, I'm not. Well, my older brother was diagnosed this year. He says I'm next. Diabetes runs in my family. I get cheap prescriptions but lately, the new generic Effexor XR isn't working. I sleep all the time. Its the only change I've made. I have to go take my amphetamines right now.

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kaiya2465 2012-03-05 20:08:58 -0600 Report

It means wake up…I have that diagnosis Pre-D. Are you still sedentary, have you been able to look at what might need changed? You can keep Diabetes at bay for sometime if you make changes soon & keep up on your health. Stick around there are a lot of good people here, you will learn a lot.

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