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How do you guys stop smoking under all this stress of becoming a diabetic?

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Young1s 2012-03-05 13:00:32 -0600 Report

Quitting is high on my to do list but I haven't taken any steps to try yet. I've had some success with going cold turkey in the past but always started up again because I wasn't ready to stop for good. I think, for the most part, you have to REALLY want to quit and be prepared to do whatever it takes to do so. Otherwise you're doomed to fail time and time again.

Caroltoo 2012-03-05 16:52:49 -0600 Report

Just read an article this morning that stated if you are an overweight person and a smoker, don't try to start dealing with both the weight loss and the smoking at the same time. Author indicated our high BG and insulin readings were the first thing to focus on because if, in his opionion, we do both, we will increase the probability of fairlure.

Slow and easy does it, Young1. Deal with you diabetes, get stable, then tackle your smoking habit. You are already working on two big ones (alcohol and diabetes); take as much time as you need.

locarbarbie 2012-03-05 09:20:17 -0600 Report

Yes, it is important to quit smoking…however, it is stressful and extremely difficult to try to change everything at once. Only you know what will work best for you.

In my case, when I was diagnosed, I first took on the challenge of changing how I ate and also focused on losing weight in addition to controlling my bs. Once I was pretty well established that way, I started with exercise. Then after about the first year I quit smoking using the electonic cigarettes as a substitute. This was after trying cold turkey and also Chantix, which did not work for me. I have not had a real cigarette in almost 8 months now. However, I am hooked on the e-cigarettes! I am using the lowest nicotine level which is 0.6%…better than what I was getting with cigarettes and without all the other junk, but I know I need to give this up too.

If you can just quit cold turkey good for you, but Rome was not built in a day…just take what steps you can toward a healthier you. Hope that helps, good luck.

Madinga 2012-03-04 22:14:37 -0600 Report

I think the most effect way is to stop completely I know it may sound bad or hard but it's the only way you can really stop smoking